How to Escape Far Cry Primal Caves – Blood Claws, Weeping Roots, Cave of the Drowned

Find out how to escape Far Cry Primal Caves with tips to clear Cave of Blood Claws, Cave of Weeping Roots and Cave of the Drowned. Exploring Far Cry Primal caves not only requires weapons, but also a number of tools such as Lit-Clubs, Animal Fat, Grappling Claw, among other things.

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Far Cry Primal Caves Guide

Our guide details everything that you need to know about exploring Far Cry Primal caves and how to come out with all the resources and rewards upon you:

Cave of Blood Claws
Reward: 780 XP

You need to start off b jumping into the water and use the Hunter Vision to locate cedarwood nearby and head in the direction. Continue along the path while remaining hidden and headshot the lone Udam Warrior before lighting the bonfire.

While standing near the bonfire, dispose a Leopard in the area below and head down to the climbing spot near the blind end.

After the second climbing spot, use Fire Arrows in order to keep the Leopards at bay and see them even in the dark. Deal with the beasts and run towards the waterfall with a grappling point just above it!

Head to the backside of another waterfall and be prepared to dispose off another Leopard who will try to attack you. From there, use the Hunter Vision to continue climbing until you reach an Eagle Cave Painting.

At this point, you need to find a couple of grappling points, reach the topside, and light the entire platform to scare off the Leopard and brighten the entire area.

Continue ahead b jumping across a couple of gaps and stick to the left wall from the large cliff. Once you reach the water at the bottom side, use the Hunter Vision to find a couple of grappling points. Keep using the grappling point to reach the very top of the area, reach the objective marker, light the bonfire up ahead, and exit the area to earn our rewards.

Cave of the Drowned
Reward: 780 XP

After entering the cave, you need to drop down and head left. Climb up and dispose off a couple of Udam Archers and a Warrior near the bonfire – try to stay hidden along the way.

Continue along the way and you will eventually come across a small cave. At this point, you need to use the grappling point over the fork and swing to the right-hand-side platform, but make sure not to touch the water.

If you are looking for some valuable resources, make sure to dispose of the Bitefish inside the water before moving ahead! From the right-hand-side platform, jump on another platform and reach another body of water.

From this area, acquire a Red Leaf, 2x North Yellow Leaves, and a North Black Roc before continuing ahead. Swim through the water to reach an Udam camp with 3x Udam Archers and 2x Udam Spearmen.

Leave them be or engage as you see fit and continue along the path until you hit a wall. While facing the wall, you need to climb up from the Eagle Cave Painting and find another grappling point up.

You need to use the grappling point in order to o past the wall which was blocking our way earlier and swim through the tunnel after reaching the other side of the wall. Do not liner in the water loner than required due to dangerous beasts inside.

After continuing ahead, do not cross the bride and stick to the wall until you come across another body of water and use the Hunter Vision in order to avoid Crocodile and Udam enemies near the exit. If you have followed our walkthrough all this time, you simply need to head over the left ramp, swim through another body of water, and emerge out of the damned cave.

Cave of Weeping Roots
Reward: 780 XP

After entering the cave, slide down the path where you will come across an Udam Spearman watching a dead Leopard. Dispose of the Udam Spearman, light our Club from the nearby fire and burn the roots barring our path ahead!

Head right from the area you just cleared and burn some more roots followed b following the tunnel and find a grappling point at the wall on the right-hand-side.

You need to use the grappling point in order to cross the gap on the other side and dispose of the Udam Spearman standing near the fire before continuing ahead. Continue forward, burn some more roots, and use the grappling point ahead.

After reaching the other side, crouch through a tight tunnel ahead and stick to the left-hand-side wall without alerting anyone in the area. Free the Bear from a safe distance to occupy the enemies, clear the stones using the Club, and drop down.

Once you arrive in the large room ahead, dispose off the first enemy you encounter to avoid being spotted. Use the Hunter Vision to spot a grappling point above and swing across the area with large bones.

From there, drop down into the water and dispose of 2x Bitefish and a Crocodile inside the water. Moreover, also use the stalactites hanging from the roof to deal with the Udam enemies.

Swim to the other side of the water, climb up the vines, and simply exit the cave. Even if you are unable to use stalactites to deal with the Udam enemies, our bow should complete the job just fine.

Lastly, if there is something else you would like to know on Far Cry Primal Caves; make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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