How to Eliminate Iron Man in Fortnite

Week Three of Fortnite comes with a variety of new challenges. One of which is fighting the self-made billionaire they call Iron Man. In this guide we have given the location of this Avenger along with the tips on how to eliminate Iron Man in Fortnite at Stark Industries and receive the rewards that come with doing so.

Iron Man is introduced in the game as a Boss character; therefore, you must locate him to defeat him. Defeating him gives you a good amount of rewards.

How to Eliminate Iron Man in Fortnite

During the Fortnite challenge, Iron Man can be found at the new Stark Industries. He’s seen roaming around the south of this area, at the collection of red and white buildings, mostly found in the central building, in the west wing.

But be careful when approaching him as he’s guarded by his Stark robots.

Killing those Guards provides you with tons of Stark Industries Energy Rifles as droppings; which can really assist you during the fight with Iron Man.

But first, make sure to keep an eye on other players since their main goal is to reach Iron Man as well and who knows if they take you out before you even reach The Avenger.


How to Eliminate Iron Man
Iron Man is a really hard to defeat Boss character. He’s not the World Saving Superhero here, he’s a dangerous killing Machine who’s ready to blow up anyone who tries to fight him.

Therefore, before heading into the fight you must know what his abilities and weaknesses are.

Iron Man’s abilities include: Repulsor Gauntlets, Unibeam and Boost jump.

Using Repulsor Gauntlets, he fires an Energy burst which is similar to the Stark Rifle. Unibeam allows him to fire a massive Energy beam that is capable of going through a wall.

Boost Jump on the other hand allows him to scale a wall with a single jump which is impossible for anyone to perform without the help of equipment.

With great power, comes weaknesses! These were Iron Man’s abilities, let’s talk about some tips on how you can eliminate him.

First up is his Boost Jump. If Iron Man is found standing on the Stark Industries’ floor with a low-hanging fruit, it means the Boost Jump ability is not going to do him any favors.

Now, since the fight is maximumly 30 seconds long therefore, once Iron Man uses his Unibeam; which has a 30 seconds cooldown, all he’s left with is his Repulsor Beams.

The best strategy here is to dodge his Unibeam, and take cover behind desks or any other object and take potshots at him.

Keep in mind that you must Defeat Iron Man three times in order to complete the challenge.

Keep Taking cover behind objects to dodge his Unibeam, time your shots and you’ll defeat him in no time.

Once he’s Defeated, he’ll drop Repulsors and Unibeam as mythic weapons along with an Iron Man Keycard. Use the Keycard to enter a vault filled with Stark Industries’ chests.

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