How to Earn S Rank in Resident Evil 3 Remake

Resident Evil fans are familiar with the concept of Ranks. Resident Evil 3 Remake also follows the same Rank System where players are ranked according to their performance. In this guide we will tell you How to Earn S Rank in Resident Evil 3 Remake.

How to Earn S Rank in Resident Evil 3 Remake

The whole Resident Evil 3 gameplay relies on your speed to fight through the game and the number of times you save. Therefore, the best and the most recommended tip is to rapidly finish the game with minimum saves. This pattern is used on three difficulties such as Assisted, Standard and Hardcore.

On Assisted, your required clear time is two hours and thirty minutes. On Standard, two hours. One hour and forty-five minutes on Hardcore. Two hours on both Nightmare and Inferno. Completing these requirements can give you easy access to the S Rank.

As mentioned before: the less you save the more you’ll get close to the S rank. For S rank in RE3 Remake, you can only save a handful of times (maximum five times) therefore, it’s best to make autosave your first option.

However, autosave isn’t really an option if you are playing on Inferno. If you are new to the game, Inferno is probably not the right difficulty to attempt an S-rank until you are well familiar with everything.

The best part about the RE3 Remake gameplay is that once you’ve reached Nightmare, the time increases because of the higher difficulty.

Since the adversaries won’t back down from killing you and on top of it, you won’t have enough ammo on a higher difficulty so this feature will assist you throughout your play.

You can always complete Records and earn Shop unlocks that may come handy by providing unlimited ammo MUP, CQBR Assault Rifle and attack increasing coins along with several other items to use.

Also, two more ways you can have access to the S/S+ Rank. The first one being able to remember the puzzles and safe combinations as they take a lot of your time. So instead of finding the solution and wasting your time, just remember them.

The second way is simply dodging your opponent’s attacks when fighting them. Don’t go insane by rushing towards them, just stay back let them strike and dodge their attacks.

Keep in mind that the dodging process isn’t used for any opponent that can alter your progress in the game. This process is only used for opponents found randomly in the game and can really save up your ammo and bullets that will help you later on as you proceed to the next level.

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