How to Earn Rhythmia in Thearhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call

Rhythmia can be considered as part and parcel of Thearhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call as it not only allows you to unlock new characters, but a variety of other things. It’s generally a good idea to keep track of Rhythmia right off the bat.

With the exception of Versus Mode, completing a stage in the game will net you Rhythmia – of course, the amount of Rhythmia earned also depends upon your overall performance in a stage.

Aside from this, each stage also brings in a plethora of bonuses which you can achieve to earn more points:

How to Earn Rhythmia

This allows you to earn greater number of points for objectives like breaking your own high scores, high critical triggers, etc.

Rank determines the points earned paired with the difficulty setting.

Pretty straightforward! The longer the chain, the more points you’ll earn.

Things that come under Tactical include using abilities, items, high HP, critical triggers, etc.

No Makeup
Complete a stage without any item or ability equipped to earn this bonus.

Title Character
For this bonus, you need to complete a stage with one character from the series whose song is in your party.

Men’s Party
Complete a stage with a party comprising of only male characters.

Ladies’ Party
Complete a stage with a party comprising of only female characters.

Daily Player
Keep on playing the game for two or more days to earn this bonus.

Weekly Player
Keep on playing the game for a week or more to earn this bonus.

Critical Charter
For this bonus, you need to complete the critical bar for a song. The bonus is further enhanced depending on your difficulty.

Daily Special Bonus
For this, you need to play the Music Stages mode and play a ‘Daily Special’ song.

Note: On Basic difficulty, you’ll earn 8 points for getting an F and 32 points for getting a SSS. On Expert difficulty, you’ll earn 10 points for getting an F and 40 for getting a SSS rank. And lastly, on Ultimate difficulty, you’ll earn 12 points for getting an F and 48 for SSS rank.

General Tips

The best thing you can do to earn the points faster is to create a party of merely four characters from the same game. After that, you only need to play songs from that particular game.

Also, try and find a suitable difficulty setting for yourself. There is no need to stick to Basic if you can do well at Ultimate. Try out different difficulties and experiment with them.

And lastly, keep a keen eye on Daily Special Bonus and try to take on it at higher difficulties for higher rewards.

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