How to Earn Psi Points in Biomutant

If you’re planning on heavily using Psionic abilities or have chosen the Psi-Freak class in Biomutant, then you might be wondering about Psi points. This guide contains detailed information about Psi Points, how to earn Psi Points and the locations of Psionic Shrines in Biomutant.

How to Earn Psi Points in Biomutant

Before we get to learning how to earn Psi points, let’s talk about what they actually are and why you’d want to gain a lot of them.

What are Psi Points?

Psi points, just like Upgrade Points and Bio-Points, are special points that let you upgrade your character in Biomutant. Psi Points, in particular, are related to Psionics and psionic abilities in the game.

Furthermore, you also need to keep a check on your Aura. Aura has a significant connection with the Psi points because your Dark and Light Aura increase through various Psi interactions.

You will need the Dark and Light Aura points along with Psi points to unlock various abilities. For example, the Freeze ability can be unlocked by spending 6 Psi points while your Light Aura has at least 10 points.

Farming Psi Points

Now about the earning procedure, Psi Points can be earned in various ways. You can complete certain quests to earn a Psi point for each quest. There are also some objects around the map that you can interact with to trigger specific events. However, the most consistent of the methods of earning Psi points is via interacting with the shrines.

These shrines are small tent-like shrines where you can interact with thShrinene and earn a Psi point each time you interact with a new shrine. Luckily, these Psionic Shrines are dispersed all over the map and are literally in abundance.

Psionic Shrines Locations

There are numerous shrines spread all over the map, from which you can get Psi points. Some of the locations of these shrines as mentioned below along with their map coordinates.

Additionally, whenever you take over an Outpost or the Fort of a rival Tribe and finish deciding the fate of the tribe, you will also respawn right next to a Psionic shrine so this is a good way to quickly gather a lot of Psi points.

Surfipela Puff Palace
Get to the Surfipela Puff Palace and you will find this Shrine. It is situated a little further to the southeast of the huge mountain.

X: 37856      Y: -88094

Bricktown Region 1
Get to the East of Bricktown and head towards the Mitrehop outpost.

X: 68887     Y:38594

Bricktown Region 2
You can find another Psionic Shrine in the Bricktown region is situated in the East of Bricktown. It is in the Vespiot Outpost, to be exact.

X: 39762      Y: 13656

Bio Nucleus GD
You will find this Shrine to the south of Bio Nuclear GD. The name of the outpost is Murkadorpus Outpost.

X: 41831       Y: -9250

Bio Nucleus BC
There is a shrine between Bio Nucleus BC and GD. The name of the Shrine is Skydom Outpost.

X: 119112    Y: 29625

One Psionic Shrine of the Deadzone is situated at the outpost along the seashore.

X: 121394    Y: 118156

Annati Fortress
Get to the northwestern bank of the Annati Fortress area to find this outpost there. You will see a shrine inside the outpost.

X: -164175  Y: 86062

Skinnapptrut Outpost
Make your way to the Skinnapptrut outpost to the North of Bio Nucleus GD to arrive at this Shrine.

X: -114550 Y: -20969

There is an outpost to the South of Suburbia, across the river. Get to the outpost to find the Psionic Shrine.

X: -93706    Y: -113125

Netra Fortress
Get to the southernmost area of Netra Fortress to find this Shrine. The area is sparkling white on the map.

X: 30919      Y: -239375