How to Earn Money Fast in Need For Speed Heat

Need For Speed Heat has two types of currencies that you can earn, reputation and money which is known in the game as “Bank”. In the day time, you can only earn yourself bank while rep can be gained only at night time. In this guide, we will explain to you different methods that you can use to earn bank in NFS Heat.

How to Earn Money Fast in Need For Speed Heat

In the beginning of the game, you can start to fill your bank by competing in different challenge races. These challenges races start with a rating of 220. But even if you are under leveled, do not worry as you will be able to win the races easily.

Completing the starting races will open up more and more challenge races with higher bank reward for winning. But these races will also get gradually tougher. So upgrade your car along the way to ensure that you have the best chance of increasing your bank faster.

Once you have a car that you feel confident with, you can head to the Resort Circuit (the abandoned race track right behind Lucas’ garage) and sign up for the race. The prize for winning this race is a whopping 25,000 dollars! Which is a big amount for a single race.

To have a better chance of winning this race, follow these tips:

  • Slipstream other drivers for advantage: Keep close to the rear of other cars to gain a speed advantage and to have a better chance of overtaking others.
  • Nail your corners: To have the best racing line, hug the inside of the track as much as possible as this will give you the best chance of keeping and getting ahead of the AI as the are very sluggish in the corners.

Another one of the ways you can earn Bank is by completing Daily Challenges. In addition to that, Racer Challenges are also available for you to increase your bank.

In racer challenges, the rewards are reversed as day Racer Challenges earn you Rep while Night Racer Challenges provide Bank, with an extra bonus amount for beating all three challenges.

By checking on the menu, you can see just how much Bank and Rep you can earn from each one. The higher the amount, the tougher the challenge.

Money Farming Technique in NFS Heat
Once you complete a challenger race, the prize will cut down each time after the first or second attempt. Like the prize of the Resort Circuit Race will cut down $5,000 after each try and will be capped to $5,000 after certain successful wins. But don’t worry as there is a workaround to this.

To get the maximum prize for each race every time, simply go back to Lucas’ Garage, fast forward the time and come back the next day. You should find that the race’s value has increased back again, meaning that you can earn all that money a second time.

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