How to Earn Money Fast in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Every game requires a currency in order to buy the items that the developers have set in the game for you to upgrade your weapons or unlock items. Fire Emblem: Three Houses requires you to collect gold in order to make those upgrades. The game’s currency is gold that helps you in unlocking new classes or buy new weapons for your battles. The game has set various methods for you to collect gold in the game. All you need to do is have a strategy and be fast and all that gold will be yours. We have summoned up a few Money Farming methods for you through which you can make gold in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Money Farming

During the game, you are going to come across many locked chests. You require a chest key in order to open these chests.

If you do not have a chest key then don’t worry as the game has another way for you to open these chests which is that you should have a unit with the Thief class.

These chests contain weapons, *items like gifts*, and Bullions. You can buy the chest key from the Item Shop at the Marketplace or you can defeat the enemies near those locked chests and chances would be that you might find the key from them.

Anyway, once you find Bullions inside the chests, just go and sell them to the Armory or the Item Shop and you are going to receive gold in return of that.

Fistfuls of Fish Event

Fire Emblem: Three Houses features an event called Fistfuls of Fish. This event is an excellent and easy way to collect a lot of gold. You need to be careful and fast since this event happens only a few times in the game.

The first time when you will enter the event, you will not be able to buy bait hence you will be buying the bait when the event reoccurs. Each time you explore the monastery do not forget to buy the bait. Buy complete stocks of the East and West merchants.

Now, when it is time for the event to commence you can go and fish there. Each time you catch a fish, regardless of its class being gold or platinum, your fish number will multiply itself.

Once you are out of bait and done fishing you can go and sell all the fish and collect a huge sum of gold for that.

Professor Level

You do not really have to do anything in this method other than wait for your allowance each month. Each month you receive some money as allowance and that sum increases with your Professor Level.

All you need to do is increase the Professor Level and you will be indirectly increasing your allowance.

Selling Weapons

Another way to collect gold is to sell you old and stockpiling weaponry. In the game, you level up and so do your weapons.

These weapons are upgraded or new ones are bought instead of using the old ones. The old weapons are no in use anymore and rarely looked at.

Therefore, instead of hoarding those weapons, all you have to do is sell the weapons off and you will make a good sum of cash in place of that.