How to Earn Mirian in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

While journeying through the Mordor and defeating Sauron’s ranks, Talion earns Experience Points, Power, and Mirian.

For a quick overview of everything, XP is used to acquire Ability Points which are spent on the Abilities tab of the Upgrade section. This section also details your progress towards getting the next Ability Point.

Earning Power unlocks new set of Abilities for Talion. Unlike Experience Points and Power, Mirian is in-game currency which is spent on the Attributes tab of the Upgrades section.

It consequently allows you to increase Talion’s HP, add extra rune slots to weapon, increase Focus Meter, and more. There are quite a few ways to earn Mirian in the game and you will know about all of them in this guide!

Completing Challenges
One of the best and easiest methods of earning Mirian is by completing in-game challenges. Some of these challenges unlock once a player has progressed halfway through the story. Completing these challenges not only unlocks Achievements/Trophies, but also rewards Mirian.

There are two types of challenges: Hunting and Survival. Each of these contains 10 challenges which reward as much as five hundred Mirian. I think it is a good idea to complete all these challenges for a bulk of extra Mirian.

Finding Ancient Artifacts
Ancient Artifacts are a collectible set in Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. These are various items of historical origin and are scattered throughout the world map. Talion can enter the Wraith World and identify these strange artifacts as shining objects.

I would urge you to go out and find all of them because they are super-easy to find and net you fifty Mirian per find. To make things a little easier, reforge a Forge Tower in a region and exact locations of all Ancient Artifacts will be displayed on your world-map.

If there is still any difficulty, you can refer to my Artifacts Locations Guide for more information!

Finding Ithildin
Remember Assassin’s Creed II where Ezio is able to scan strange glyphs carved in different structures? A similar type of collectible also exists in Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor.

Dubbed as Ithildin, these ancient engravings can be read by Talion in the Wraith World. These are scattered throughout the world map of the game and like Ancient Artifacts, reward fifty Mirian per find. You can unlock Forge Tower in an area to see the exact location of each Ithildin on your mini-map.

You can check out our Ithildin Locations Guide for more information!

Completing Weapon Challenges
This is another great way of earning Mirian. Weapon Challenges allow Talion to create Legendary Weapons by specialized missions. There are five challenges for each weapon in the game which are scattered in both main areas of the game.

After a Weapon Challenge is completed, Celebrimbor will alter the look and add to the story of the weapon.

Dark Ranger DLC
For this method, you need to start, ‘Test of Power’ Challenge Mode and keep on killing the Captains and Warchiefs who spawn in the area. These Captains and Warchiefs will drop Weapon Runes. After picking up the Runes, you will be able to keep them or convert them into Mirian.

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