How to Earn Cash Fast in Call of Duty Warzone

In Call of Duty Warzone, you will need to gather as much of the in-game currency as you can. Cash can be obtained only through a team effort with your squad. In this guide, we will teach you How to Earn Cash Fast in Call of Duty Warzone.

How to Earn Cash Fast in Call of Duty Warzone

There are several different methods in which you can utilize this teamwork to earn cash in the game mode. Each one comes with varying results so this guide will go over each of them.

Most of these tips are mainly focused for the Plunder game mode but they work just as well in CoD Warzone battle royale to earn money.

Earning cash is extremely important as not only is it required to win in Plunder, it can turn the tide in your favor in Warzone battle royale by letting you use custom loadouts.

This is the quickest way to earn cash in Plunder. The best option is to go for contracts in which you don’t have to face challenges from other players. So try going for a scavenger or secure contracts to earn cash without much trouble.

Every contract you successfully complete will reward you with about 40 to 60 thousand in Cash. So we strongly recommend keeping an eye out for these.

These are a form of contracts in which you will have to hunt down and bring a target for a cash reward.

These may prove to be more troublesome than regular contracts since you’ll be interacting with other players who aim to make things difficult for you. If you’ve got some time then you could spring for these and net some hefty income.

This isn’t the quickest or most certain method of obtaining cash. Chaches tend to be already looted when you first spawn into the game.

Find a good spot and start looting every cache you spot to find some money.  You can find them inside buildings and other structures throughout the game map.

Take Out Other Players
You can earn cash by killing other players and looting it off them but this is the riskiest method since they can shoot back.

Only go for this if you’re extremely skilled and able to hold on your own for a while. If not, we strongly recommend another strategy.

Keep Moving
Who says cowards never win? Minimize the risk to yourself by running along with the map while avoiding combat as much as you can.

You just might catch a break and find the skill that allows one of your teammates to bring forth a balloon in which you can load up your cash to later safely extract.

However, it comes with a cooldown, and there’s a limit to how much cash you can place on it.

Engaging hostiles is not the end of the world, but it comes with the most risk. Ideally, you and your team are exploring the map, taking contracts, and looting every cache you come into contact with.

At the end of the game, you want to take down the players with the most cash, but if you have the most money, most of the players will be targetting you.