How to Dismiss Soldiers in Gears Tactics

Sometimes a certain soldier isn’t good for your squad and you might need to fire that person. After all, a squad in Gears Tactics is only as good as its weakest soldier. In this guide, we will show you how to dismiss/fire a soldier in Gears Tactics from your squad to make room for more.

How to Dismiss Soldiers in Gears Tactics

Recruiting new soldiers is pretty easy in Gear Tactic and it is also free! These new soldiers sometime appear randomly in the recruitment pool and the other times they are often those soldiers that you rescue in your missions.

The rescued soldiers often have better equipment and armor! They also have a higher level so it’s always a good choice to recruit them in your squad.

Before you can recruit them, you have to have a vacant place in your squad!

The right thing to do here is to lay off the unwanted load your squad is carrying in a form of the soldier that is doing less than anticipated.

You have to free roster slots by firing some already recruited soldiers or the ones you rescued to increase your roster size and free a slot.

Firing the soldier is easy! Just go to the home screen and go to the barracks option! You will see your soldiers there.

Don’t select any soldier or hero or anything instead just highlight the soldier you wish to fire.

Once highlighted you will see a trash can icon along with the word “delete” appear right next to their name. Just press delete and that will do the work.

What you must know is that everything that the soldier had will be deleted along with them!

So before making the decision to fire a soldier re-evaluate it to ensure that the soldier you are letting go is based on a better option you have!

So once you press delete, that soldier is never coming back and will be sent back to the world.

That’s how you get rid of an unwanted soldier in your squad. Even though it’s a hard decision to make but what has to be done, has to be done.