How to Dismantle Ladders in Death Stranding

Death Stranding is a huge game with a lot of different terrains, which is often unreachable through your bike or truck, hence the existence of The Ladder and ropes, etc. But often it happens you placed your Ladder wrong or you have more climbing to do and you just used your last one, what to do? Hence the existence of this guide, here we will try to explain the art of picking back up or dismantling your ladder in Death Stranding.

How to Dismantle Ladders in Death Stranding

Your ladders can be used by other players and net you some likes and often you will find other players’ ladders in the world, so if you don’t care about others or are in dire need of one juts follow these easy steps:

  • Stand near the ladder so the “Hold Options” option appears on the screen
  • Hold the “Options” button
  • The Ladder will collapse back into a small carry container
  • You can pick it up and carry it as normal, ready to use for another time.

Now many people only are either not seeing the collapse option or aren’t able to collapse it, in either case, it is necessary to make sure you are pressing the “options” button on the controller not any other, most people are pressing another button like the toggle action button.

There are some unique places where the ladder can’t be moved but those are very few if they exist at all (a limited number of people have faced them). In some places, it is also possible that once fully deployed, the ladder can’t be picked back up and once dismantled, it will actually crumble into metal pieces that you can pick up for your crafting needs.

Due to limitations like these, it is always advised to carry extra ladders with you when going on missions in Death Stranding.

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