How to Defeat Yagluth in Valheim

Yagluth is the final boss you’ll encounter in your journey through Valheim. Just like every other boss in the game, Yagluth also drops rewards after its defeat. This Valheim guide covers all the steps taken to reach the Yagluth boss fight and ultimately how to defeat it to claim your reward.

How to Defeat Yagluth in Valheim

Just like any Boss in Valheim, Yagluth also needs to be summoned in order to fight.

How to Summon Yagluth

Yagluth is found in the plains; his altar is located at the mid-section of the circle of stones and resembles a skeleton hand. To summon him, you need to place Fuling totems on those hands. These Fuling totems are dropped by the creatures known as Fuling Shamans.

You’ll come across the Fuling Shamans in the plains. Once defeated, they’ll drop the totems. Place the totem onto the hands and wait for the arrival of Yagluth.

How to Defeat Yagluth

Yagluth possesses a unique arsenal of attacks. His attacks are mainly based on earth and fire. Yagluth’s fist starts glowing blue before getting slammed to the ground, creating an explosion that damages anyone caught in its path.

Similar to this attack, his fist starts glowing orange or red before getting slammed to the ground, creating yet another explosion but this time, meteors fall from the sky during the process. Simply take cover behind the stone pillars to avoid the damage.


Lastly, Yagluth’s fire breath has an amazing range to it. However, it only deals damage in a straight line therefore you can easily avoid it by moving aside. Since Yagluth is a slow boss, you can avoid or dodge his attacks with ease.

To execute your own moves on the boss, you must be equipped with the black metal armor, arrows along with the weapons you crafted after defeating Moder Boss.

You can find more information on Moder Boss along with the crafted weapons in our How to Defeat Moder Boss in Valheim guide.

Once you’ve defeated Yagluth, you’ll get rewarded with Yagluth’s placeholder item, Yagluth Trophy. Equipping the reward at Sacrificial Stones gives you an increase in resistance to elemental attacks.

This was the guide on how you can defeat Yagluth in Valheim.

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