How to Defeat the Storm King in Fortnite

If you are looking to defeat the Storm King in Fortnite, we have the right tips for you to defeat him.

The game that keeps on giving; Fortnite with its recent Halloween update Fortnitemares has introduced to the players an interesting challenge should they choose to take it on: The Storm King.  The guide below will discuss how to effectively farm this limited-time mode with the help of your team and a few tips and tricks.

Defeat the Storm King in Fortnite

Killing The Storm King over and over again is a good way to level up fast, to put things into perspective, this is what you might get from beating The Storm King in Save the World PvE mode

  • 92 gold.
  • Evolution Materials.
  • 8000 XP.
  • Schematics (Both Epic and Legendary).
  • Scary Umbrella.
  • Fast leveling up.

However, the Fortnitemares event is available in all the modes of Fortnite including the battle royale, Fortnite Chapter 2. Up to 20 players drop in on a small island in order to work together and defeat the Storm King.

Battle with The King to ‘Save the World’

The Storm King has different phases that need to be managed accordingly with the right equipment. Once you start the mission, you’ll enter a cave with a gnome to your right, hit it for a chance of a power-cell drop. Wait to be teleported into the boss fight.

When the fight starts you will need to attack very specific yellow crystals in the boss. As soon as you see them, unleash hell and do as much DPS as you can.


Once you destroy three of these crystals, you will need to attack the horns to deplete the boss’s health. When one horn is destroyed, you will have to repeat the above process in order to get a shot at destroying the next horn.

Once both horns are done and dusted, his body will glow purple, and shoot anywhere to deal damage. Waste everything you got and by any means necessary, try to do as much damage as you can.

Storm King in Battle Royale

You can hop into the Battle Royale mode to defeat The Storm King. Different squads are tasked with one common goal; defeat The Storm King. Expect a tough fight. The Storm King’s attacks will down anyone with just one hit and if you die, you die for good.

You have to deal with three weak-points of the boss, with the first being located at the chest. Upon depleting the health of weak-points, the second phase will initialize with crystals all over the map spawning mobs that you can kill.

Destroy the crystals as fast as they come, or you’re going to have to deal with more zombies that you’d like to.

Once the crystals are all done and shattered (You can choose to leave a few crystals up so as to get ammo from the mobs that spawn), attack The Storm King’s horns which are now its weak-points, after destroying those, The Storm King’s entire body will be a weak point. At this stage, give it everything you got and lay down all the damage you can.

If you see another player downed, make sure you revive them as soon as possible without dying. If the player isn’t revived in time and dies, they are gone for good and you are short on manpower. And of course, reviving downed players also count towards your challenges so there is that added incentive.

Things to keep in mind

If you’re keen on speed-running this beast, make sure you can follow up on at least some of these things.

  • Teamwork is key.
  • Keep your stock up for healing items.
  • Fill up your teammates’ deficiency of ammo as much as you can. Four people doing the damage at the same time is much more effective than one.
  • Stay mobile, constantly positioning yourself is key.
  • Take teleporter and adrenaline prior to the mission.
  • Legendary Tank Penny.
  • Syd for support.
  • A leveled up hammer or anything else you’re comfortable with.
  • Thin out the horde as they come. Don’t let them gain too much on you in numbers.
  • Revive ASAP, do not lose any team-mates for a long period of time.
  • Use boost pads for mobility. Found all around the arena emitting a purple glow. Can be useful for putting distance between you and the horde.
  • Build when you can to maneuver around the horde and to revive team-mates.

You can change up a few things with whatever you seem to prefer. With everything in your knowledge, go ahead and check it out on your own for the first few tries, blow some horns up and use this opportunity to farm as much XP as you can.

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