How to Defeat Niruul in Destiny 2 Sundial

Much like the Vex Offensive during Season of Undying, players will face off against a boss at the end of the new Sundial Arena in Destiny 2 Season of Dawn. This boss, Niruul the Hollow Voice can be quite a tough one and you will need to work with your team to win. We have all the tips if you want to learn how to defeat Niruul in Destiny 2 Sundial.

How to Defeat Niruul in Destiny 2 Sundial

As mentioned above, at the end of the Sundial activity, you will face Niruul. You will enter a chamber where you will face off against Niruul. In the chamber, the terrain is all over the place.

Niruul will be at a lower platform from where he will move back and forth, firing at the players. He will become immune for a small time period as well. Red Legion grunts, war beasts, and Psions will also spawn during the fight.

Niruul will trap players which will block their movement for a small period. When you are locked in this purple shield, you will need to shoot at the circles on the shield to escape it.

Beware that you need to shoot the shield fast as not doing so in time will one-shot kill you. You can also help other teammates escape the trap shield by shooting at their circles.

During the fight, Psion commanders will spawn after short intervals. Killing them will be easy as they can be eliminated with a single melee hit. If you have trouble locating them, look for the semi-transparent bubbles indicating where they’re floating in the air.

You must punch Psion Commanders to break the shield of immunity of Niruul. The number of Psions starts at one, but they will increase by one each time the boss gains a shield until you finish the encounter.

When Niruul’s immunity ends, attack him to deplete his health. When Niruul is down to third of his health, Honored Colossus will spawn for his help. You can find them on the far sides of the chamber. Eliminate them by blocking their path.

You will have five other party members during your fight with Niruul and the minions. It’s better to have certain party members focused on clearing minions while others focus their fire on Niruul. This way players can make quick work of Niruul.

Once you defeat Niruul, you will be transported back to the Sundial mechanism and rewarded for your efforts. This week it’s the Steelfeather Repeater auto rifle and the Breachlight sidearm, but they come with randomized perks. These rewards may change weekly so keep a lookout!

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