How To Defeat Mindflayer Boss In Final Fantasy XV

Upon reaching Lestallum in Final Fantasy XV, players will receive the main story quest The Sword in the Waterfall after talking to Talcott, Jared’s grandson. The quest will task Noctis with searching a Royal Tomb and retrieving the Royal Arm inside it in their quest against the Empire.

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The quest marker will take the players to the tomb entrance near the Burbost Souvenir Emporium Outpost. After going through the entrance behind the waterfall, players will enter the Glacial Grotto dungeon before they can finally reach the Tomb of the Wanderer at the end.

On their way to the tomb however, Noctis will encounter 3 Mindflayers. These Mindflayers are somewhat of minibosses for the dungeon and can be quite challenging if players aren’t overpowered or still don’t have a full grip of the combat system. To make matters worse, the Mindflayers spawn with some Flans which as Final Fantasy fans will recall can be quite annoying.

As soon as the fight starts, players should focus on taking down the first Mindflayer as it spawns multiple Imps nearby. Players should avoid those minions and continue focus on the Mindflayer. Since Mindflayer is an ice monster, it is resistant to Ice damage but Thunder and other lightning spells and weapons such as daggers and lance work really well against it.

Before the first Mindflayer is dead, a new one will spawn but players should still continue to focus on the first one and eliminate it from the fight as soon as possible instead of trying to whittle down the second one. After both of these Mindflayers are dead, the third one will spawn alongside two Flans.

At this point, players should focus their damage on Flans and try to take them out before they get too much of a hassle and keep knocking Noctis and his allies around. Fire damage is really useful against them at this point. Once the Flans are dead, players can proceed to kill the third Mindflayer.

Another final and more powerful Mindflayer will also be guarding the tomb entrance but the same damage type strategy applies to it as well.

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