How to Customize your Shield in Valheim

As important as it is to be aggressive using the weapons you craft in Valheim, it’s equally important to be defensive using your shield. It’s even better if your shield looks cool while keeping you safe! In this guide, we’ll cover the crafting of shields in Valheim as well as how you can customize one to make it really stand out!

How to Customize your Shield in Valheim

Customizing shields will require you to first start crafting them. For this, you will require resources as well as a Workbench and a Forge.

Shields are basically of two types, Round and Tower Shields. The Round Shields include Wood, Bronze Buckle, Banded, Silver and Black Metal Shields, whereas the Tower Shields include Wood, Iron, Black Metal and the Serpent Scale Shield.

Wood, Bronze, Iron, Black Metal, Leather Straps, Fine Wood, Silver and Chain will be the resources you need to make the above-mentioned different types of shields.

Only Wood Shields can be crafted on a Workbench, you will require a Forge for the rest of them.

Customizing the Shield

Customizing your shield will be an integral part of actually crafting it. By customizing your shield, you will be able to put a cool design on it as you craft it. When you are crafting a shield using the required ingredients, pay close attention to the small icon below the shield.

Take your mouse over the small icon right below the name of the shield that you are about to craft and a ” Style” prompt will appear. As soon as you click it, a different style will be displayed before you and you can then choose the one to your liking.

The small icon is not easily visible and is easily ignored because of it. Should you not change it, the shield will be crafted with a standard plain layout. Therefore make sure that you change the style before you start the crafting process.

Beware, if you don’t choose a style and the shield is crafted, there is no way to customize it again. You will need to craft a new one and then select the required layout or style you want.

Also, not all of the shields are customizable! For instance, the Serpent Scale Shield and the Standard Bronze Shield are not customizable. The small icon will only appear below the shields that are customizable in the first place.