How to Cross Tar Belt in Death Stranding

Once you finish Episode 7 of Death Stranding, you will be assigned to cross an area called The Tar Belt towards the South-Western part of the Central Region map. The task although sounds simple; the journey can become quite complex, and hopefully, with the details in this Death Stranding guide, we can help you in proceeding further with your story through this large area as easily as possible.

Cross Tar Belt in Death Stranding

Once you talk to Heartman in the mountains, he will ask of you to lug a load of cargo to the other side of The Tar Belt. Upon hearing this, naturally, you will be making your way to South-West of where Heartman currently resides, making sure to carry all the cargo assigned to you.

Once you drop this cargo off at the designated location, you will now be tasked to cross The Tar Belt. Make sure to unload yourself of any excessive cargo at the Delivery Terminal.

Now proceed South-West to the tar coast where you will find an area with a bunch of BTs (As I said, complex), keep moving South where you will then move yourself through the Tar Belt, being as loud as possible and waiting for a BT to rise out of the belt.

This will create a path for you to walk to the other side of the belt. Run to the other side of the belt as fast as possible, avoiding anything the BT throws at you.

The sequence can be heart-pounding, but simply make it through this section, and find Amelie in the Tar Belt, which will then bring this horrifying chapter to a calming close.

Playing through the Tar Belt, you will find yourself astounded with the attention to detail present in this sequence.

The presence of BTs always keeps you on the edge of your seat and makes for a scary thrilling experience

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