How to Craft Stagbreaker Hammer in Valheim

In this Valheim guide, we will tell you everything that you need to know about the special Stagbreaker hammer and how to craft it.

Craft Stagbreaker Hammer in Valheim

As the name suggests, it is a huge hammer made of the Stag Horn. It is very effective in doing damage in a generous radius. Perfect for dealing with mobs of enemies.

You can use this Hammer effectively against all the enemies in the game.

With this Hammer, even the larger enemies are staggered and you can do more hits on them.

Crafting Stagbreaker
To craft this weapon, you first have to gather the required materials. This is done like any other craft in the game.

Get the required materials and craft it on the workbench. Your workbench should be upgraded so you can craft the Stagbreaker Hammer easily.

Required Materials

  • x2 Leather Scraps
  • x20 Core Wood
  • x5 Deer Trophies

To collect the required materials for Stagbreaker, you can hunt deer, which can drop a trophy. You also get the leather from hunting animals, which you can turn into Leather Scraps.

To collect the core wood, you have to go to the black forest. Chop down some trees and you will easily get the 20 Core Wood from the black forest.

After collecting all these required materials and making sure that the workbench is upgraded to a higher level, you can start the crafting of the Stagbreaker hammer.

This is everything that you need to know about crafting Stagbreaker Hammer in Valheim.

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