How to Convert Watts into Pokedollars in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokedollar is the main currency of Pokemon Sword and Shield. You will require it to purchase many essentials in game items, hence you will be needing a lot of it. This guide will teach you how to convert watts into Pokedollars in Pokemon Sword and Shield so you are never short on this currency.

For those who don’t know, Watts is the currency you acquire by performing tasks in the Wild Area of the game. If you raid a lot then you will find yourself in excess of Watts. This guide explain how you could turn your Watts into Pokedollars.

How to Convert Watts into Pokedollars in Pokemon Sword and Shield

To convert Watts into Pokedollars first you will have to collect them, here are certain ways you can do that:

  • Collect watts from Pokemon dens, these dens are used to initiate raids. Only dens glowing Red will give you watts. Dens also have a recharge time after which you can farm again.
  • Racing in Rotom Rally also gives you Watts, the watts amount is directly proportional to length of the course.
  • Defeating and/or capturing Pokemon with glowing yellowish aura, which can usually be found in the Overworld.

Now assuming you have had enough Watts farmed, let’s get to converting these into Pokedollars. The way to do this is simple, you use your watts to buy stuff off of a Watts Vendor, then take those items to a shop or vendor who uses Pokedollars, and sell him all items.

The most common and effective way to do this is buying poke balls from watts vendors, the best of which is the Luxury ball. So try to find a watts vendor selling luxury balls.

The luxury ball costs 100 watts each and you can re-sell them at 1500 pokedollars per piece, seems player can make quite the profit. For other balls, the heal ball costs you 20 Watts and sells for 150 Pokedollars and all the Dusk, Quick, Dive, Net, Nest, Repeat & Timer Balls sell cost you 50 watts each and sell for 500 Pokedollars each.

Other options like the Wishing piece, with a conversion rate of 3000 Watts to 10 pokedollars, and Technical records, 2000 watts to 2000 pokedollars, are not effective methods.

However there is a fisher woman in the Wild area, who sells unique items or her “Brilliant finds” to you for 100 watts each.

Be sure to be on a look out for her, as these sell for the highest profit ratio of Watts to Pokedollars. Each of her items cost 100 Watts but their resale values are:

  • Brilliant Find (3 Pearls), worth 3000 pokedollars
  • Brilliant Find (Big Pearl),worth 4000 pokedollars
  • Brilliant Find (2 Big Pearls),worth 8000 pokedollars
  • Brilliant Find (Pearl String),worth 10,000 pokedollars

So here you go, an easy way to get huge of Pokedollars using your Watts Farm.

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