How to Complete Ritual in Astral Plane in Control Foundation

In this guide, we will take a look at the complete walkthrough of The Ritual in the Astral Plane in Control Foundation DLC. This is going to be lengthy, but I’ll try to keep it to the point as much as I can. As it is the case with most of the Astral Plane quests this is going to be like a puzzle as well. Let’s get started:

How to Complete Ritual in Astral Plane in Control Foundation

Starting out you will see a cave opening to your left, but its entrance would be blocked so you have to use your gun to blast through the rubble there. Once your path is cleared move straight and jump over the long ditch that comes in your way.

Then on your left will be some pillars that would be blocking your way, shoot them and make your way. After that, you will have to run through a corridor and at the end of that corridor is a hall with a ditch in the middle and a chest over that ditch. You need to jump inside this ditch.

You will fall into giant black crystal-like walls on your sides, this is the Astral Collision. Your path will be in front of you. Moving forward you will find two golden blocks and nowhere to go forward. Here what you have to do is throw one of the golden blocked into the marked area across the gap and use your gun to break down the rock holding the large crystal chunk in place.

When it falls down, you will be able to see the place where you can throw the other golden block. Jump on top of the crystal chunk that fell down and move towards the next platform and then the next.

Now a large crystal chunk is resting on some rocks that you can shoot but not from this platform. So jump towards it and shoot it. Then jump back to the previous platform when this chunk has fallen down and then jump back to the fallen chunk.

From there you have to jump right where you will come across some enemies. You can take them out easily by throwing rocks or using your weapon.

On the right side in your front would be some stairs, turn right and besides the right wall, there is a rock, jump on it and then jump again, you will get to the top of this wall, from there jump to the next platform, turn left and jump again.

From there you will have walls on both sides briefly. In front of you would be a golden block, throw it towards the designated place on the right wall. Turn right and jump on the platform inn front of you. Then jump on the ledge on your right, from this platform jump on the left one then to the tall on the right.

Then to the one at the northeast. Now on your right would a big crystal chunk with rocks supporting it, shoot them all until it falls down and when it does, jump on top of it and then climb onto the right wall and drop down to the area with the red sand.

On the left would be some markings on the ground that look like, well some sort of “Ritual”. Walk into it and press square to cleanse the control panel. New platforms will rise up in front of you. Jump on to them and follow this path.

Pick up the golden block in front of you and throw it into the trigger on the right and new platforms will rise up. On this platform will appear some enemies, these ones are fast so take them out using your gun.

Throw the golden block into the hole at the opposite end and break down the supporting rocks of the platform on the left side. Throw the other golden block into the hole that appears now and then climb onto that platform.

In front of you now would be a new platform with enemies. On one side of this platform, there will be two crystal chunks supported by rocks that you have to shoot in order to make keyholes for the golden block visible. Throw golden block into both of them and new platforms will rise up.

Jump on to these and you will have to make your way further by shooting some rocks to make platforms fall down. Take out enemies here and get to the highest platform. You will have to fight several enemies there.

This platform will have a large brown rock in the center and on top of the highest pillar on the right is a television. Go near it and press square, some weird stuff will be playing on it, don’t bother about it for now.

Then cleanse the control panel using the checkpoint down below. Again, you have to perform the same drill, take out the enemies, throw the golden blocks into their place and move towards the new platforms that rise up.

When you get there, take out the enemies and throw the golden block into the floating pillar on the right. Move towards the new platforms, kill the enemies and throw the golden blocks into the two floating pillar on either side and you have to break the rocks holding them from behind.

There will be a new staircase that will take you to the top of the platform you were at. Throw the golden block on the way into the floating pillar on your left after shooting the rocks holding it.

The way up is pretty easy and obvious. When you get to the checkpoint, cleanse the control panel by pressing square.

After that a bunch of platforms will rise again, then you will have to continue the same cycle; i.e. get to the top, take out enemies and cleanse the control panel to get new platforms. On this new platform would be an etching on a tall brown monument of sort, interact with it and the astral plane ritual in Control Foundation DLC will be completed.

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