How To Complete Offensive And Defensive Penances In Darktide

Penances are in-game achievements or challenges in Warhammer 40K Darktide that the players can complete earning cosmetics and other unlocks. However, completing the different penances in Darktide can be quite confusing, and you might have unlocked a few penances here and there by blowing off your enemy’s head off.

So, in this guide, we will review how you can unlock the different penances around defensive and offensive playstyles in Darktide.

Offensive penances

Time to Die: This achievement is unlocked if the player is able to quickly eliminate a monstrosity in less than 60 seconds

Dodge This: This challenge requires the player to be quick and precise since to complete the challenge you’ll be required to shoot 3 enemies with headshots within a timespan of 10 seconds.

Purge the Heretic: This achievement is one of the staples of all shooting games, since it only requires you to kill a total of 1000 enemies.

Serial Killer: Similar to Dodge This, the achievement Serial Killer requires the player to be precise and make good use of their aiming sights by scoring 20 consecutive headshot kills.

Frenzied Killer: If you love being a butcher on the battlefield then this achievement will definitely be a piece of cake for you. To unlock Frenzied Killer, players are required to kill 60 enemies in 30 seconds.

Flyswatter: This is one of the more fun achievements in the game since you can just shoot any climbing enemies you see, and after 50 of them have fallen, you’ll unlock this achievement.

Defensive penances

The Emperor Protects: To unlock this penance, the players are required to block a total of 400 damage in 10 seconds.

Preternatural Dodge: Before unlocking this achievement, the players should be well versed with dodging since you’re required to successfully dodge 7 attacks without taking any damage.

Flawless Execution: This is one more tough achievement, as you’ll be required to complete 5 missions in a row without being downed on Malice difficulty.

Zigging and Zagging: To complete this achievement, you’re required to be quick and sprint to avoid a total 99 shots.

Figure Four: This achievement also requires the player to dodge an enemy attack but by sliding and effectively avoiding getting hit.

Violent Tendencies: Using your melee kills, regenerate 40000 toughness, and this penance will be unlocked.

Untouchable: This is another staple achievement of a shooter game since you’re required to avoid being hit and taking any health damage throughout a mission

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