How to Change Weather in Mafia DE

This is a brief guide that explains How to Change Weather in Mafia DE. In this guide, we will be explaining how you can enter free ride mode and change the time of day and weather conditions in the all-new Mafia Definitive Edition.

How to Change Weather in Mafia DE

Mafia DE, just like many other open-world games, has a full-fledged Day/Night and weather cycle that also changes according to the mission you are undertaking at that time.

This game takes things a step further by allowing you to change these conditions manually which is sometimes required to start some missions.

To change the weather conditions and time of day in Mafia DE, you first need to load the game in Free Ride mode.

Unlocking Free Roam Mode

The original Mafia that came out in 2002 had two types of free ride modes.

  • Free Ride (without any challenges)
  • Free Ride Extreme (added different over-the-top challenges to the free ride mode)

But Mafia DE only has 1 Free Ride mode which is greyed out when you launch the game for the first time.

Unlocking this mode is not a difficult task as its only requirement is to complete the first chapter, “An Offer You Can’t Refuse”.

After you finish the intro, completing chapter 1 only takes about 15-20 minutes.

As soon as you see the “Chapter Complete” screen, you can back out to the main menu, and now your Free Ride mode will be unlocked.

Changing between Day & Night

Firstly, you have to load the game in Free Ride mode.

Then, head to Salieri’s Bar and go inside. You have to navigate to the room where Don Salieri always holds his meetings.

This is next to the room with Pool Tables on the opposite side. Once inside, you will see 4 paintings on the wall.

Each painting depicts a different time of day, and the 4th painting (the one on the far right) is the only one that completely changes the world to night time.

As soon as you interact with any of the paintings, a short cutscene will be triggered that shows you the current time of the day outside.

You can go outside to confirm that the time has been changed to the last painting you interacted with.

Changing the Weather

This is similar to how you change the day & night cycle.

First, load the game in Free Ride mode and head to Salieri’s Bar. Once inside, you need to go upstairs.

The staircase is in the back of the bar, behind the room with the pool tables. Go upstairs and then take a right.

Head into the door on the right side of the hall. Now you should find yourself in an office area where you will see 2 paintings.

You can interact with either one of the paintings to change the weather outside accordingly between Rainy or Sunny.

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