How to Change Lockne’s Mind in Death Stranding

Death Stranding comes with enormously attractive LOGICAL missions too. One such missions in Death Stranding is to ‘Change Lockne’s Mind’. In this Death Stranding guide, we will show you how to change Lockne’s mind and make her join the Chiral Network.

How to Change Lockne’s Mind in Death Stranding

Lockne’s inclusion in the network is very necessary as it will bring the Mountain Knot City into the network. However, it is not easy to persuade her into it.

When you travel to the Mountain Knot City, you will meet Lockne there. She will express her disagreement on the thought of joining the network as she is not in a favor of the Bridge. The reason behind is a mystery between Lockne and her sister Mama, which will be uncovered later in the game.

However, you will receive a call stating the importance of the inclusion of Mount Knot City, and hence you will definitely have to persuade Lockne into it. This is a very critical moment, as if you fail to persuade her, you will face great issues.

So in order to get Lockne’s willingness, you have to approach her through her most close relative- her sister. Her sister Mama is in South Knot City.

South Knot City is quite far away of the Mountain Knot City. To get there, first, you will have to travel to the distribution center of the North of Mountain Knot City. Now as the fast travel is available in the Private Room of the Distribution center, you can use it to fast travel to the South Knot City.

Once you reach South Knot City, you will have to walk to Mama’s lab. Once you reach Mama, there will be a short cut scene, displaying that she is willing to get to her sister Lockne with you, so that she can help you persuade her into the network and the Bridge.

Now the Mama will be your companion, and hence you will not be able to use the Fast Travel option through any distribution center. So it obviously means you will have to travel all the way back to Mountain Knot City by riding the Trike.

Once you complete the journey back, get Mama to the Lockne and she will easily persuade Lockne into the network.

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