How to Change Gear Appearance in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

In the words of the team behind the game itself, “We want players to have complete freedom in their character’s style, for that reason, we’re implementing a refined system allowing you to exploit your fashion sense”. And with this guide, we will attempt to give you a little understanding of How to Change Gear Appearance in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem.

How to Change Gear Appearance in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

The first method you can use to customize your character is by using skins. This system implies that each item you buy loot or win is categorized as one of 10 skin categories, excluding the weapon slot. There are nine different types of skins for item blocks for, Face, Shoulders, Arms, Chest, Legs, and boots, etc.

Each slot is individually equippable, that means that you can mix any armor or clothing type you want from the game, the game further enhances your choices by allowing you to keep the stats of the item you like, and also equip the look of the item you like even if they are both different items. That means looking your best without having to trade in your stats.


A way that the game expands upon character customization is through its tints and dyes, it wasn’t enough that you could wear a mashup of different armors to look your best, the game allows you decide the colors on each separate part on each separate item or skin you are wearing.

The possible combinations you could do are virtually infinite. Now, these dyes can be found in chests, can be looted, awarded as quest rewards or bought using gold.

The possibilities are endless so start making your perfect character the way you want now

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