How to Change Character Class in Trials of Mana

Every character has a unique class at the start of the game, but that’s not what you are restricted to. You can reset or change your class up to two times in the game! This guide will cover How to Change Character Class in Trials of Mana and even reset character class that will entirely change your character’s looks as well as its upgrading policy.

How to Change Character Class in Trials of Mana

For resetting your character class at higher levels of the game, you need to have Goddess Scale. You can find the Goddess Scale through treasure chests spread out in different maps and areas.

Though getting your hands on one is pretty hard as they are quite rare, but once found, you can then reset the class easily. All you have to do is to look for a Mana Stone nearby and perform the class reset.

How to Change Character Classes
The initial or default character class in Trials of Mana needs to be upgraded in order for you to survive at higher levels in the Trials of Mana.

You will be able to change your class two times in Trials of Mana – one time at level 18 and second at level 38.

Class 2
At level 18, you will be automatically able to change your initial class into Class 2. For this, just progress with your favorite character to level 18 and then find a Mana Stone. You can then make the switch at the Mana Stone.

Even if you are unable to find a Mana Stone, just go on with the main story and soon you will come across one.

Class 3
Later in the game at level 38, you will have to change the class again. But by this time, you will have found ‘Item Seeds’ in the dungeons. They will include one of the necessary items which are required for the class change.

So once you have the necessary items for the class change, head to the Sanctuary of Mana. This is because the Mana Stones won’t be available at this point in the game.

So go to the Sanctuary of Mana and then to mana statue at the center. You will then be able to change your class here.

You must remember that this will be the final switch and you will have to use the same class till the end battles of the game. Hence you must formulate the one which can take on the toughest strikes of the game.