How to Build Arenas in Fallout 4 Wasteland Workshop, Tips to Make Settlers Fight

Here's our Fallout 4 Wasteland Workshop guide to help you build arenas, cages, and start putting settlers, raiders and beasts to fight each other.

One thing you can do thanks to the Fallout 4 Wasteland Workshop is to build arenas where you can make different creatures fight against each other whether we are talking about settlers, raiders or beasts.

Here we are with another guide to take you through the process of how to build arenas where you can put them for fighting and also how exactly to make them fight.

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How to Build Arenas in Fallout 4 Wasteland Workshop, Tips to Make Settlers Fight

If you have the correct materials with you, creating any building is possible with all sorts of decorations and features in Wasteland Workshop, this is why you are able to build arenas too.

However, before digging into it you should ensure that you have level 1 perks for Animal Friend and Wasteland Whisperer as well as a level 4 perk for Science.

Here’s everything you will be required to have in order to make cages of all fashions in Fallout 4 Wasteland Workshop:

Small Cage

  • Cat Cage – Steel 6, Copper 1, Softshell Mirelurk Meat 2 (requires power 1)
  • Dog Cage – Steel 6, Canned Dog Food 3, Copper 1 (requires power 1)
  • Mole Rat Cage – Steel 6, Radroach Meat 4, Copper 1 (requires power 1)
  • Mutant Hound Cage – Steel 6, Brahmin Meat 2, Copper 1 (requires power 1)

Medium Cage

  • Feral Ghoul Cage – Steel 10, Mongrel Dog Meat 4, Copper 2 (requires power 1)
  • Gunner Cage – Steel 10, Bottlecap 500, Copper 2 (requires power 1)
  • Insect Cage – Steel 10, Copper 2, Mole Rat Meat 4 (requires power 1)
  • Raider Cage – Steel 10, Jet 6, Copper 2 (requires power 1)
  • Super Mutant Cage – Steel 10, Brahmin Meat 5, Copper 2 (requires power 1)

Large Cage

  • Brahmin Cage – Steel 16, Razorgrain 4, Copper 4, Gear 4 (requires power 1)
  • Deathclaw Cage – Steel 16, Yao Guai Meat 4, Copper 4, Gear 40 (requires power 1)
  • Mirelurk Cage – Steel 16, Mirelurk Egg 4, Copper 4, Gear 4 (requires power 1)
  • Radstag Cage – Steel 16, Carrot 4, Copper 4, Gear 4 (requires power 1)
  • Yao Guai Cage – Steel 16, Radstag Meat 4, Gear 4, Copper 4 (requires power 1)

Arena Cage

  • Arena Contestant Blue Team – Wood 4, Steel 10 (requires settler)
  • Arena Contest Red Team – Wood 4, Steel 10 (requires settler)

Miscellaneous Items for Cages

  • Beta Wave Emitter — Copper 5, Aluminum 8, Crystal 4, Circuitry 3, Nuclear Material 5, Rubber 2 (requires Animal Friend 1, Wasteland Whisperer 1)
  • Quitting Time Siren — Copper 3, Steel 12, Rubber 1, Circuitry 2, Glass 3 (requires power 1)

Making Cages and Arenas in Fallout 4 Wasteland Workshop
There are three things you need to prepare namely powered doors, fences and the floor foundations. That last part is so that you can give them a leveled field to fight. The rest of the things are needed to keep them in place and to stop them from running away all over the settlement.

Once you have got these things in place, put the cages inside the area on a flat surface and make sure that they are set right across from each other.

The fence should be around the area so that you can give a boundary wall to the arena and it will need to be properly secured with no gaps otherwise the settlers are more probable to run out of there.

The powered doors will be placed on the cages to stop the settlers from continuously shooting each other. You will have the ability to decide when the fight starts by opening the doors.

Fights in Fallout 4 Wasteland Workshop
Settler vs. Settler: You will need to have Red and Blue platforms that should be set across each others. This divides them in two teams while putting both Red or both Blue platforms would turn both the fighters into a tag team that can be sent out to fight together against a beast.

Settler vs. Raider or Beast: This will require one platform and one cage, both set across each other on a flat surface. As mentioned above, more than one platforms of the same color will tag team the settlers against the beast.

In order to make the raider or the beast fight, you have to put in a power switch inside the cage. Turn off the switch and it will start attacking.

NOTE: The beta wave emitter comes in handy to keep the settlers happy since they will be seeing their own fighting other beasts you did not tame or because you could be attacked for capturing a raider or a beast.

Raider vs. Raider

Ensure that you have properly placed fences around the arena and then place two cages across each other. With the raiders in the cages, all you need to do is to turn off the power switch and both the raiders will start fighting.

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