How to Build a Bed in Ancestors The Humankind Odyssey

In Ancestors The Humankind Odyssey, having the know-how of construction will take you a long way as you try to survive in the wild. To protect your clan and children which are assets when it comes continuing your lineage and undergoing evolution, you will need to build structures to form a civilization. This guide will show you how to build a bed in Ancestors The Humankind Odyssey.

When you setup your camp, start building some basic structures and then take it from there. One of the first mission in Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey is to build a bed.

And in this guide, we will show you how to build it.

How to Build a Bed in Ancestors The Humankind Odyssey

In Ancestors Humankind Odyssey, sleeping on Beds will be far better for your character as compared to sleeping on the floor.

Sleeping on beds will fill up your sleep meter more and overall clan will be far better rested for the adventures.

You will also need beds to sleep in to undergo evolution as without evolution you will not be able to expand your clan much further.

To build a bed in the game, you will require five natal grass cycads. They are golden grass that stand out from the normal grass. These cycads are also readily available in Savana or near your starting spot, just pile up 5 of them somewhere to construct the bed as your sleeping spot.

After you collect all five pieces of grass, place them all in the same pile and then you will be prompted to build with them.

Hold X on PS4 which will build the bed. You will then get another objective and your bed will be available for you to sleep before your adventures.

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