How to Break 10 Barrels in Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour London brings exciting new challenges out of which breaking the barrels one to earn Grand Stars is pretty much a piece of cake. The good news is that this challenge isn’t mandatory to be done in a single race rather one can compete in the track multiple times to get the challenge done.

In order to complete this challenge, you have to compete in the London Loop Course which is the first race in the Daisy cup. I’ll explain in the following text How to Break 10 Barrels in Mario Kart Tour.

How to Break 10 Barrels in Mario Kart Tour

It is advisable to race against 50 or 100 CC Level drivers as they are most likely not going to overtake you but this is only if you wish to win the race but if the goal is to break the barrels only which can be done repeatedly then competing against any level is alright as the aim is not winning but completing the challenge.

The barrels can easily be broken by precisely driving through the corners and ramming into them or you can also hit them with items like Green shells and Bombs.

The Barrels are almost halfway up the starting point, staying alert is very important as these barrels are at very tight corners and if you don’t hit them right there are chances of bouncing off of them instead of breaking them.

Hitting them right in the center will get the job done but don’t worry even if you miss them in the first race, you can go for them again and over again till you get the job done.

Staying close to the corners will help you easily break the barrels and the option to hit them with the items is always available, either way the challenge is easily doable.

The only problem is that the challenges will end and you must complete them within the period where they are available. But this must not be that big a concern as the challenge itself is very easy and there are still a plenty of days till the new challenges are available and the breaking 10 barrels challenge vanishes.

If you get them right then doing the challenge three times with breaking four barrels in each race will finally let complete the challenge and enable you to earn a good amount of Grand Stars

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