How to Board and Exit Grineer Galleons in Warframe

Ship combat is a thing in the latest Warframe Empyrean update and to destroy the Grineer Galleons, you need to get on board these vessels as trying to destroy these large asteroids with your Railjack would be completely pointless. This guide will show you how to board and exit Grineer Galleons in Warframe once you have sabotaged them from the inside.

How to Board and Exit Grineer Galleons in Warframe

These large Grineer galleons cannot be destroyed using your Railjack hence why you would have to come out of your ship to deal with them.

Your main focus is to take out the commander which you cannot do from the inside. So, what is your strategy? You have to take your Railjack, as close as you can, to the Grineer Galleons and then get out of it. To get out of the Railjack, you have to be in the Archwing mode.

You have to get inside Galleon so make your way to the waypoint. Once inside, get ready to face a lot of enemies. You can fight them but try to dodge as many as you can.

Go through all the Crewships before you are ready for the Grineer Galleon. You have to follow the same pace as any Grineer mission that you have played.

Once you are at the entrance of the Grineer Galleon, press X to enter the area. Now you have to follow the location in order to reach the captain and take them down. The waypoint is going to disappear once you are done with your objective. Follow the path back to where you came from.

You have to return to the ship in order to interact with a point so that you can leave the Galleon. This spot is easily missable so be careful and vigilant while crossing it. You have to leave the Galleon so that you can return to your Railjack.

This same method of boarding enemy ships is followed for pretty much every ship in the game, even when infiltrating other player’s ships.