How to Beat Yakon in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

The boss fight against Yakon in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot takes place in sort of an intermission stage and here we will show you how to beat him.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot features every fight from the manga and has gotten it correct down to the very last detail. One such fight is the one with Yakon, that’s right, the big green hideous creature. If you are having trouble with defeating Yakon, then this guide details all necessary tips on How to Beat Yakon in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot.

How to Beat Yakon in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Yakon operates similar to how you saw him in the anime. He can absorb any Ki attacks you throw at him and has a large amount of health.

Yakon also has formidable ranged attacks which can have you dead in a few minutes. The best DBZ Kakarot technique you can use is to stick extremely close to Yakon and beat him with your melee combos whenever you can.

Meteor Smash
Goku’s Meteor Smash is the most effective attack against Yakon as it consumes low Ki, has a staggering effect, and has relatively high damage. Keep this ability in your arsenal when facing off against Yakon.

Locking On to Yakon
Since you cannot lock on to Yakon (Due to the darkness), you will have to use the following methods in order to do so; this also prevents Yakon from using his two deadly moves; Cross Claw, and Light Energy Absorption.

  • Get close to Yakon and start punching him. Do a Meteor Smash after 4 or 5 hits.
  • Yakon will turn red at which point get ready to dodge his lunge attack.
  • Get close to him after he tries to back away from here.
  • Repeat the process by punching him, and dodging his lunge attacks.

Using this technique, you will be able to simply mop Yakon all over the floor during the boss fight without giving him any room to breathe whatsoever.


Guard Breaking Yakon
Continuously repeating the above process and smashing Yakon’s head in, his stun gauge should eventually deplete which should leave him open to your attacks. Stunning him is a great way to deal a lot of damage to him in DBZ Kakarot.

Abilities and Boss Fight Tips

Cross Claw
Cross Claw is a Ki Attack in which two energy beams are thrown at Goku. If you’re too close to Yakon when he’s preparing this attack, then your best bet is to try and block it.

If Yakon happens to use this attack in succession, you will get stunned by it.

Dodging this attack, simply energy dash by holding R1 and move towards one side as far as you can. You can dodge this with normal dash as well, but you might take some damage if Yakon ends up spamming the attack, so it’s best to simply dash in one direction.

Light Energy Absorption
Remember how Goku made Yakon explode by feeding him excessive Super Saiyan Energy? Yeah, try not to do that here; rest assured, Yakon will not explode.

If you happen to launch any Ki attacks towards Yakon, he will eat them up and restore his HP.

There is a window of opportunity after you stun Yakon, to damage him using Ki attacks. Time it perfectly in order to lay waste to Yakon and win the boss fight.

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