How to Beat Vegeta and Great Ape Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

After the Nappa boss fight in DBZ Kakarot, your next target is the prince of Saiyans, Vegeta. Vegeta can be quite the challenge, especially in his Great Ape form. If you are struggling, let us tell you how to beat Vegeta and Great Ape Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot.

How to Beat Vegeta and Great Ape Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

You will face off against Vegeta a total of 3 times in the Saiyan Saga of DBZ Kakarot. As Goku, you will fight Vegeta twice; Vegeta and Great Ape Vegeta. And then once as Gohan who will fight against Vegeta once again.

Keep Vegeta’s following abilities and moves in mind during these fights to help you counter them:

Galick Gun
It is Vegeta’s Signature move. Keep dashing to the sides to evade this move.

Dash Attack
It charges quick in a straight line and quickly lunges towards you. If you maintain distance, you can evade the attack.

Slash Wave
This attack fires off multiple Ki attacks in a long wave form. Move to the sides consecutively as it comes in short intervals.

Consecutive Energy Shot
This attack fires off multiple Ki barrages followed with a final Large Energy Shot. To evade the attack, keep dashing to one side.

Assault Rush
In this attack, Vegeta charges in and unleashes kicks on the opponent and finishing off with a roundhouse kick.

Body Smash
In this attack, Vegeta will dash towards you can then smash you with a punch, stunning you.

Meteor Hammer
Vegeta uses this as a follow up after other melee attacks. This attack knocks you over large distance dealing great damage.

Though you’ll be fighting Vegeta 3 times, his moves and attack patterns remain mostly consistent. The following DBZ Kakarot tips to the encounter can help you in this fight.

Vegeta will be out of breath after his rage phase wears off. He will be exhausted and unable to move. Save up your special attack and wait until he is exhausted to deal massive damage with a special attack.

Vegeta has some special melee attacks like Dash attack and Meteor Hammer that will combo and result in massive damage. So it is best to keep your distance and evade the attacks and counter for big damage to him.

As you maintain distance while waiting for him to make the first move, spam him with Ki attacks to charge your burst gauge and deal some damage.

Wait for Vegeta to use his charge attack and then dodge it. Then melee him for greater damage. Finish a combo and then distance yourself from him as he will retaliate.

Vegeta’s Energy Shot will shoot multiple shots that may break your defense and make you prone to Big Energy Shot. So focus on dodging it too.

Once you manage to defeat his normal form, Goku will have to fight Great Ape Vegeta in DBZ Kakarot. We will go over that fight below:

Super Mouth Canon is Great Ape Vegeta’s main ability. It fires a galick-gun type canon from the mouth. Throughout the fight, Ape Vegeta also uses his melee attacks. Ape Vegeta swipes forward and bashes the ground with his massive fists.

Ape Vegeta will also leap into the area and mark an area with a yellow circle. Then he will fall and deal damage in this area so make sure you dodge this attack.

The best and fastest way of defeating Great Ape Vegeta is to get close and use melee attacks on it. Ape Vegeta has low HP and melee deals large damage against it, so focus on getting close and bashing him.

Avoid Ape Vegeta’s Frontal swipe and bash attacks to have the best chance of winning the fight.

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