How to Beat Trunks in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

When you first encounter Trunks in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, you have no idea who he is. To find out who is this mysterious man and why can he turn into a Super Saiyan, you must beat him. Here is a brief description of How to Beat Trunks in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot to help you with this encounter.

How to Beat Trunks in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Trunk’s attacks are mostly melee-based, making him a mid-range fighter. To plot any strategy, you need to keep your distance giving you enough room to carefully plan your next move.

While doing so, keep in mind that Trunks has a very short recovery time from stun attacks. Martial Art combos that will stun Trunks and long charged attacks such as Kamehameha will give you a very small window to continue.

Taking a fast brutal approach while relying on the stun windows will leave you exposed to Trunks’ attacks in DBZ Kakarot, giving him a solid opportunity to strike back at you.

One guaranteed attack you will get while fighting him is when he does his shining sword attack. The attacks can be blocked with little HP loss, which can be made up by taking advantage of the long recovery time from his attack, making an effective HP trading.

Other attacks Trunks will use include these

  • A 360 charged sword slash. Trunks’ body will glow red as he charges up and throws a complete 360 slash with some range. Defend against the attack and then trade in some blows of your own.
  • A dive bomb slash kick. This attack has a homing ability, meaning it will follow you if you evade too early. Evade too late and you will face heavy damage and will be knocked back. Just time right and dash as the kick is about to connect.
  • Shining sword attack. Trunks will raise his sword and then charge towards you in a straight line for a strong slash attack. It’s better to dash just as the attacks is about to connect, although it can be defended against if you have a high enough defend the charge.
  • Fire Blast. Trunks will charge up a ball of fire which will explode on contact. The charge timing for this one is slow, so it’s better to evade it. Just start dashing to any side just as he starts charging up

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