How to Beat Sophia in Temtem Arissola Dojo

In the world of Temtem, you would encounter Dojos that you have to fight in and make your way to the leader and then defeat them in combat. Arissola is the first Dojo that you are going to master. The leader of Arissola Dojo is Sophia and in this guide, we will discuss how to beat Sophia in Temtem Arissola Dojo.

The layout of this Dojo is sort of a maze. There are wind pumps and water geysers that throw you from one platform to the other. You are going to find six tamers in this Dojo. This means there could be seven fights including the fight with Sophia. You can skip some tamers as well if you want to. Just explore the area, face the tamers and eventually you will find your way to Sophia.

First we will discuss how to beat the tamers in this dojo. They would all be wind and water type with a level ranging from 17 to 22. Your team must have enough gear to beat them and packing healing items is a must. Check our healing guide for more.

As the Tamers are wind and water types out of which water type is weak to Nature, Electric and Toxic types while wind type is weak to electric type only. These types can be used to defeat these Temtem easily. Explore the whole Arissola dojo by bouncing around and defeating all the trainers you find and then you will make your way to Sophia.

Sophia’s Temtem

Before going face to face with Sophia, you should know what temtem Sophia has got. Sophia has total of 6 temtem which are described below along with their type effectiveness

Temtem Level Weak to Resistant to Moves
Kalabyss 16 Electric Wind Water Fire Earth Toxic ink Water blade Aqua stone
Loali 16 Fire Toxic Earth Water Fire Wind Urushiol Toxic spores
Sparzy 15 Crystal Earth Electric Wind Tesla prison Held anger Psychosis
Pigepic 18 Electric Earth Wind Wind burst Heavy blow
Tuwai 21 Electric Earth Wind Wind burst
Oceara 22 Electric Nature Toxic Earth Fire Water Ice shuriken Tsunami

Best Temtem to Defeat Sophia

Our recommendation on which Temtem is best to fight with Sophia is Ganki which you can find in the Thalassian Cliffs, The Gifted Bridges, or Windward Fort pretty commonly in the grass.

Another great option would be a Toxic type but great toxic Temtem are not present in the game.

However, if you get a Swali and level it up into a Loali then it could be great for you as Loali can perform Urushiol, which is a great move. These Temtem would do great while you fight with Sophia and will surely help you win.How to Beat Sophia in Temtem Arissola Dojo.

How to Defeat Sophia and Conquer Arissola Dojo

The group of Temtem that Sophia has is weak to Electric-type mostly. All of her Temtem are under level 21 so your group must be around this level or else it would be very hard to beat her. The best thing you can do is capture Ganki and level it up. Level the rest of temtem as well. If you lose your electric temtem in a battle then you are most probably going to lose. The more electric type temtem you have, the greater are the winning chances.

You should have enough items to heal you during the battle. So don’t hesitate in spending your coins to purchase these items as they are going to come handy later.

You shouldn’t be facing much problems during the fight as this is an easy encounter. But make sure you don’t lose your electric type temtem.

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