How to Beat Recoome in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

In the Frieza Saga of DBZ Kakarot, you will have to face Recoome twice. At first, you’ll be facing him off as Vegeta, and then as Goku. We have prepared to guide to teach you how to beat Recoome in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.

How to Beat Recoome in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Although he’ll have the same abilities and skills, Recoome will be relatively stronger in the second face-off. This guide will guide you on how to fight Recoome both times in DBZ Kakarot.

Your second fight against Recoome will lead you into consecutive fights against Burter and Jeice. In these fights, you won’t be able to regenerate your health power either, which is why you will need to avoid taking any major damage at all.

You will obviously need to avoid getting hit by the foe’s abilities if you decide on being strong enough for the upcoming fights against Burter and Jeice and then Ginyu himself. Here is a list of abilities that you need to avoid and exactly how you need to do that:

Grenade Bomber
This is one of the special attacks which you need to dodge during this boss fight which you will have to do while avoiding the thin red lines/marks.

When you’re fighting as Vegeta, the bombs/projectiles will be fired towards you. And when you’re fighting as Goku, you will need to dodge the fireballs by judging where they’ll drop by the help of the lines.

Eraser Gun
You will have to avoid Recoome’s Eraser Gun by flying/moving away from the sweeping ability. The Eraser Gun will basically be a beam of energy that deals damage in a straight line.

As for its second variant, for when you’ll be fighting as Goku, the beam will pan out into a larger area, whereas the area highlighted in red will be its range.

Do not stay too close to Recoome for extended time periods, as it will allow him to kick you which will obviously push you away and stun you as well. So yes, the kick hurts!

In both of its variants, you will see a red line projected in front of Recoome momentarily. The projection will depict where he’ll be moving towards following his devastating kick.

You will require perfect timing in order to dodge his kick.

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