How to Beat Piccolo in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Fight with Piccolo is a kind of tutorial for you regarding the Boss fights in DBZ Kakarot and serves as nice warm-up combat. If you are still having a tough time, let us teach you how to beat Piccolo in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot.

How to Beat Piccolo in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

As it is the first fight you are going to fight of such kind, so it sounds a little tough. But not to worry for we have brought this guide for you to understand Piccolo, his moves and how to dodge his powerful abilities.

In any circumstance, the only way to defeat the Piccolo is to Dodge or Guard against all his moves and you will do pretty well. We have mentioned some other Piccolo boss fight tips below so don’t forget to read them.

Piccolo Moves and Abilities
Piccolo has 3 powerful moves and one of them is the Demon Flash Strike. It is a forward charge move that is being telegraphed by a red beam of light with arrows in it. Before the strike occurs, Piccolo gets charged and creates a glowing circle around him, so you can know that Demon Flash Strike is about to happen and get ready.

All you have to do to deal with this move is to dodge to the side.

The second powerful move that Piccolo throws is the Rapid Fire Ki Wave. It is Piccolo’s most lethal attack that causes a huge amount of explosive projectiles to fly out from him, hurling right onto you.

These explosives are pretty difficult to dodge as they are widespread and hence the best practice against them is to Block or opening your Guard.

His 3rd ability is in fact the easiest to deal with. Called as Demon Slash, this ability creates a large horizontal or vertical wave of damage and if you get into its way, you are gonna get a lot of damage.

The only way to deal with it is to dodge it by flying up or to the side. You will get pretty much time before the wave unleashes as the Piccolo will charge up first taking some time and hence you will know that it is going to be a Demon Slash prior to its coming.

So as a result, all you have to do to defeat Piccolo is to keep a quick pace and dodge and block all his attacks. Even if you get hit by one, you can regain your weight as Piccolo doesn’t go much for combos or continuous attacks.

The best practice for Piccolo boss fight is to attack him after the Rapid Fire Ki Wave, as after using that ability Piccolo will get quite exhausted and that is the perfect time to show him your best skills.

Shoot him with the best skill you have and then perform combos. This should end him pretty fast for you.