How To Beat Piccolo And Gohan in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

You will be coming across both, Piccolo And Gohan, in one battle in DBZ Kakarot as training for the impending Android threat while playing as Goku. Let us show you how to beat Piccolo and Gohan in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot in this guide.

Beat Piccolo And Gohan in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Along with fighting against these two characters, the game challenges you by not maximizing Goku’s health and neither will be healed.

This means that if you get damaged then your health won’t be recovered so make sure that you have recovered the health manually.

In the quest, eating food is not going to heal you so you have to find an alternative. The shops in West City sell Vitadrink which is going to maximize Goku’s HP. Don’t enter the battle without doing this.

When you have entered the boss battle with Piccolo and Gohan, you don’t have to fight both of them together.

In fact, the best boss tip we can give you is to focus on only one, regardless of who it is, and then after he is defeated should you go and fight the other character. Though while you are fighting the first character, other might also attack you.

For example, while you are fighting Piccolo, Gohan is also going to attack you with the Ki Balls occasional linear beam attacks but the damage from these attacks is close to nothing hence why you should completely focus on Piccolo while fighting him and not get distracted.

Why I am asking you to take down Piccolo first is because his melee moves are a bit stronger than Gohan’s and give you more damage. If you defeat him first then you’ll have more HP and time to take down Gohan later.

Transformation (L2 + R2 ) will provide a boost to your damage but it is also going to drain your Ki. Also, keep close to the character you are fighting and don’t increase a lot of distance between yourself and him.

Piccolo Abilities & Counters

Explosive Wave: The wave is going to charge you up and then it will burst explosive energy around Piccolo. You should pull back from him at this or defend yourself.

Demon Flash Strike: A red arrow appears at this attack which is followed by Piccolo’s lunge attack. To avoid this attack you should avoid the line attacks or simply defend yourself.

Special Beam Cannon: This is a charged line attack. Just avoid getting hit with it.

Gohan Abilities & Counters

Masenko: A charged beam attack. Just avoid getting hit with it.

Body impact: Gohan starts to move around before hitting you with a stunning strike. Just avoid getting hit with it when Gohan reappears for the punch.

Turbo Slash: A hurricane attack. Move away as Gohan comes to your side