How to Beat Mira in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Learn how to beat the super secret boss, Mira, in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot after you have completed the conditions to summon the boss

Mira is a secret boss in DBZ Karakot so you can’t just fight unless you have unlocked it for which you have to fulfill certain conditions! If you have, we will show you how to beat Mira in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot.

How to Beat Mira in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

In order to fight Mira you should have already defeated all the Villainous enemies and most importantly Vegito and Gotenks!

When you have defeated the former Mira will unlock as the final boss which you will have to defeat! The following guide contains all the relevant information you must possess in order to ensure a win in the boss battle against Mira.

Let’s talk about Mira’s attacking abilities first as you must know what he is capable of and you can act accordingly! The bullet points sums up his super attacks

  • Dark Kamehameha: Mira can fire two of these deadly Kamehamehas so be ready to dodge them timely! Get out of the way as soon as he prepares to fire
  • Android Punch: When you see a red arrow pointing towards you beware as it is the indication of Mira’s android punch where he will rush towards you and punch you really hard! So dodge this my avoiding the punch timely
  • Finish Breaker: A bunch of Ki Blasts will be fired upon you which you must avoid by stepping sideways
  • Sonic Blow: Mira will teleport and will come right next to you to splash you and you will have no other choice then to guard this attack as dodging is quite impossible
  • Spirit Bomb: The well known large dark sphere every DBZ enthusiast is aware of! Just guard it to minimize damage taken and counter attacks with Vanish attack

Now that you know what he is a capable of lets look into a bunch of boss battle tips which will be helpful for your fight against Mira in DBZ Kakarot.

Quickly approach him and lay a bunch of Melee attacks on him and finish the move off with a Kamehameha.


You can luckily take a party with you against Mira in DBZ Kakarot so choose wisely and let your companions use their super attacks to help you bring down Mira’s HP.

Equip the Mastery Skill Self Medication which will help you gather some HP while the Surge is still active! So when you have taken some considerable damage and you need health don’t forget to equip this skill.