How to Beat Mecha Frieza in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Mecha Frieza is the first boss that you will meet in the Cell Saga of DBZ Kakarot. Pretty much of his skills and moves are quite same as the Frieza. Let us show you How to Beat Mecha Frieza in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot.

Beating Mecha Frieza boss is not quite difficult as he follows the same pattern of fight as Frieza – hanging back, initiating stunning melee attacks, Ranged barrage and combos.

The only difference between Mecha Frieza and the simple Frieza in DBZ Kakarot is that Mecha will be using Final forms of special attacks, which are going to be tougher than usual and he has a lot of powerful attacks too which are described ahead.

How to Beat Mecha Frieza in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

The best practice against Mecha Frieza is to avoid his attacks using Guards or Dodges. It is necessary because his attacks combo into huge damages once you are caught between them and getting out of the vicious circle is very hard.

Moreover, he also follows up his attacks with a Death Pummel which deal a great damage. Perhaps that is the point where you will need to expertise in the timing of your dodge so that you are quickly able to avoid the Death Pummels.

Besides, he also enters a melee offensive state once he is charged up which is shown by Red Ki. This will result in a stunning blow and quick combos.

The only method to deal with this ability is to interrupt his first attack as soon as he charges up as it will dissolve all his Ki energy and the chain of combos will be broken.

Just as you dodge any of his attack, either it is a Death Pummel, a charged up Red Ki or any other of his attacks, you should quickly attack him, showing him your own skills and combos.

This is the only and best possible boss fight tip to deal with him!

Mecha Frieza Abilities and Counters

Mecha Frieza has abilities of Direction Attack, Death Surge, Death Pummel, Death Blaster, Death Beam, Death Slicer and Death Ball in DBZ Kakarot.

However these boss abilities are not hard to conquer and here is how to deal with each and every one of them:

First is the Direction Attack that happens when Mecha engages you in a series of melee attacks. When he does it, he immediately gets behind you and throws a Knuckle Smash.

So when Mecha Frieza starts meleeing, you should know what is the result going to be and hence you should dodge at least twice to break the melee chain and avoid the main attack.

Second is the Death Surge which happens when he charges up and a red arrow is shown towards you. At this point, you have to move away of the red arrow and you would have successfully dodged a great attack.

The third, Death Pummel, is a kick that he throws by lunging forward in a wide 360 degrees arc. Move anyway away of the direction of his kick in order to dodge it.

You can move backwards or up, down – whatever seems suitable. Once you have dodged a Death Pummel, quickly run onto him and attack as he gets a little unstable after it.

Fourth is the Death Blaster, an ability of firing consecutive semi-tracing Ki balls with a final huge K ball attack. You cannot use your guard against such ability and hence you must dodge away of the balls.

The fifth Mecha Frieza ability, Death Beam, comes up with a decent pre-determination. A red arrow is shown once he charges for a Death Beam, and to avoid it, you should evade the red line.

Once evaded, throw your own attacks as he has wasted a charge and cannot evade your attacks fast enough.

Death Slicer is the sixth and a lethal ability which must be defended with great skills. He will throw a couple of spinning slicing circles which deals much damage.

To avoid them, you should block at first and then dodge at least twice for the last spinners inflict more damage and cannot be blocked.

Death Ball is last and perhaps the most deadly move of Mecha. He will charge up a very huge ball which almost covers the whole screen, and then throws at you. This one is sort of impossible to dodge successfully.

But the good thing is that it costs him a lot of time to charge it up, and hence buys you enough time to attack him while he is charging. If attacked meanwhile, his Death Ball attack is dissolved and you are saved from a great loss.

This is pretty much all his skills and methods of avoiding them, including methods of attacking too. We hope that after reading all this and keeping the instructions in mind, you won’t face much difficulty in beating Mecha Frieza.