How to Beat Majin Buu in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

During Dragon Ball Z Kakarot’s Majin Buu Saga, you will have to fight against Majin Buu three times. If you are struggling, read this guide on boss fight tips to help you beat Majin Buu in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot.

How to Beat Majin Buu in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

First you fight Majin Buu as Gohan, then as Vegeta and then finally as Goku in DBZ Kakarot. In this guide, we will explain how to defeat Majin Buu in DBZ Kakarot.

Majin Buu has the following abilities that you need to watch out for during the boss fight:

Megaton Ball
Majin Buu’s this attack charges up a large Ki Ball. During fight with Vegeta, Majin Buu will throw 3 of them.

Megaton Punch
It is a powerful punch attack. Defend or dodge when Majin Buu pulls back his fist to punch.

Candy Beam
It is a frontal beam attack that will turn you into candy if you come in contact with it. It will disable your movement and other actions. Majin Buu will follow it with his Megaton Ball attack.

Megaton Bomb
In this attack, Majin Buu erupts in a large energy blast, causing damage and knock back. Defending against it is a good tactic as it is hard to dodge.

During all the fights, the attack patterns of Majin Buu will stay the same. So, you can apply the same tactics in all the fights.  Follow these boss fight tips to take down Majin Buu fast in DBZ Kakarot.

Melee Special and Follow-Ups
The best tactic against Majin Buu is to spam melee Special Attacks that has a follow-up option (by Pressing O) , as it will lock Majin Buu in a combo chain while dealing good damage to him. These Special Attacks also have a low Ki cost.

In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, Gohan’s melee special is ‘Crushing Strike’, Vegeta’s is ‘Massive Strike’ and Goku has ‘Meteor Smash’.

Deplete Stun Gun
During the fight, using your special melee attacks will deplete Majin Buu’s stun gauge very quickly which will make him vulnerable which will allow you to even take away a whole life bar from him.

Defend and Counter
Majin Buu will use hard-striking melee attacks & Megaton Bomb to cause damage to you. Escaping these will be very hard so if you do not use your defend effectively, you will be outdamaged by him.

Also, try and counter to get an upper hand on him and do some combos of your own.

Use Transformations
Use transformations (L2+R2 on PS4) to get a solid boost to your attack damage. Transformation drains your Ki, but as you will be focused on melee during these fights, so Ki drain will not be a big issue

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