How to Beat Krillin in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Fight with Krillin is one of the first boss fights of DBZ Kakarot and hence not as hard as it may sound, but still, Krillin has some lethal moves. That is why we prepared this guide on how to beat Krillin in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot.

How to Beat Krillin in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

This guide will cover all of Krillin’s abilities in DBZ Kakarot and also the methods and skills you need to practice in order to show him that you are way better and stronger and win the boss fight.

Krillin’s Abilities
Krillin has some powerful abilities. But in fact the only real and most special of them is the Kamehameha move. It is a long and narrow beam onto you which deals great damage if it falls on you and hence you must master the method of dodging it.

Krillin is a very fast attacker and throws a lot of Kamehamehas. Besides, he also Burst attacks which will knock you back and quite far away.

So in fact, Guarding and Dodging are your only moves to master in order to deal with his abilities and then you need to do fast attacks.

How to Beat Krillin
Dealing with his Burst attacks is a little easier as they can be pre-determined. Krillin will flash red before starting a series of Combos. So whenever you find him flashing red, warm up and prepare yourself to dodge fast and accurate for there will be a lot of fast attacks from his side at the time.

Guarding won’t help much this time as you know that while a series of combo is released by the opponent, it is hard to move that fast while guarding.

A good practice after his strikes is to press the Square button and use Burst moves. It will knock him off and cancel any more of his attacks. You can also use the Vanish ability here which will spawn you directly behind him and hence you can stop his strikes by hitting him.

The difficult to determine beforehand is his ability of Kamehamema. It will come without any specific warning and all you can see him is charging up. As he uses a lot of Kamehamemas, it is a good practice to be prepared every time he charges up.

So as soon as he charges up, start moving left or right and then left to right or vice versa. It will save you from being in the center of the narrow beam.

Once you have dodged the beam, use the Vanish and spawn behind him and do a Burst. This is it! This is your chance to knock him off so better use this ability of him against him just the way we described