How to Beat Kid Buu in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Be ready to meet and defeat Kid Buu in the Majin Buu Saga of DBZ Kakarot after you take care of Super Buu. If you are struggling with the fight, let us show you how to beat Kid Buu in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot.

How to Beat Kid Buu in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

You will encounter Kid Buu a total of 4 time where here you will fight him as Goku and Vegeta two times each!

Luckily his fighting pattern and strategy stays almost consistent so when you have fought him once you shouldn’t be too worried to face him again! The following guide can prove to be really helpful for you when you face Kid Buu and wish to defeat him.

It really all about timing your moves and looking out for his moves in order to know what type of attack he is going to execute and what your counter strategy should be during this DBZ Kakarot boss fight!

So beforehand you must be aware of his strategy which we will sum up in the following bullet points along with the counter moves you must adopt to ensure a well promised win against him!

Kid Buu is quite an aggressive fighter so throughout the fight you should adopt a defensive strategy and attack only when you get the right opportunity. Your focus should be on Evasion and burst damage.


Evasion phase of the boss fight is where it is impossible to attack him but he is quite vulnerable in the attack window. His attacking Abilities include Rolling Attack where he lunges upon you to attack you, Candy beam which turns you into a helpless candy so avoid that.

Kamehameha which you should dodge when he prepares to attack and finally Infinity Buster where he deploys an array of Ki attacks finishing off with a Ki Ball so you  better Super Boost towards the edges

When he says “Gya Gya” he gets in a highly aggressive face and his attack density gets crazy! This is where you must not attack back rather try your best to evade his attacks. Act fast and dodge his attacks

After the “Gya Gya” phase is where you get your chance to unleash rage upon him as Kid Buu becomes exhausted right after throwing his Planet Burst.

You have to dodge this by initiating a Super Boost and running towards the edge of the map. After this, it is right time to strike him and give him the most damage possible.

When you are encountering Kid Buu as Goku in DBZ Kakarot your most effective attacking ability will be Rock while using Scissors Paper Rock!

So when you get him in the exhaustion phase get ready to lay down a bunch of melee attacks and finally chain it with a meteor smash to deal a greater damage.

Furthermore 2 of these strikes will end his Kamehameha yellow bar giving you a advantage in battle! But make sure you have enough Ki to do the attack two times.

When you are Vegeta and you take on Kid Buu in the boss fight, your key strategy will be using Massive Strike ability as you can chain it up in the form of massive damage combos.