How to Beat Guldo in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Guldo is physically the weakest and smallest member of the Ginyu force in DBZ Kakarot but he possesses some psychic abilities and he is able to stop time for as long as he is able to hold his breath. In this guide we will discuss boss tips and tricks on How to Beat Guldo in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.

How to Beat Guldo in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

You will have two boss fights with Guldo in DBZ Kakarot. You will be fighting as Gohan and you will have Krillin supporting you. The first Ginyu force member you take on is Guldo. Here are some guidelines that would help you during this fight:

Dodge Surge Boosted Psychokinesis
You can easily dodge this attack by moving upwards or sideways or else you will be hit by Psychokinesis and if Guldo is surged it will hurt you a lot. You should dodge the attack based on how the spires form.

Maintain your distance for Paralysis
Getting the timing down for dodging this attack is a bit hard but it is still possible. When Guldo is launching the Paralysis attack you should get as far away from him as possible because it is noticed that the closer you are to him the longer is the duration of the paralysis.

Abilities and Boss Tips

Psycho Satellite
There will be some rocks set up around Guldo that would not launch towards you but it would be better if you just destroy them with ranged attacks.

Guldo is able to paralyze targets in the area after channeling for a brief moment. After you have been paralyzed it is very easy for Guldo to attack you and he can hit you with Psychokinesis which would cause a lot of damage.

This is Guldo’s special move as it does the most damage. A sharp rock is summoned that is sent towards you and you have to doge at the last moment.

Surge plus Psychokinesis
After surging Guldo is able to increase the intensity of his Psychokinesis and attack you causing even more damage. This time there are multiple missiles instead of one and there can even be two rows of missiles.

These rows can be horizontal or vertical and there can even be a plus sign. You need to dodge it accordingly

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