How to Beat Gotenks and Vegito in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot has plenty of enemies and a full fledge hierarchy of weakest to strongest of enemies. In this guide we have the focus on fighting two bosses at once and teach you how to beat Gotenks and Vegito in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot.

How to Beat Gotenks and Vegito in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

In order to unlock your fight with these strong foes, first you need to find and defeat all the villainous enemies of the game.

Villainous enemies are the enemies with same characteristics, essentially the same enemies with stronger energy level and XP. They are covered in red auras and hit harder than normal ones.

On defeating them, they will give off better EXP and drop Z orbs. You will have to bring stronger support characters and make sure to have your character leveled up to the max.

You will also unlock a secret boss, Mira, and fight with it after you beat all the villainous enemies of the game. Your world and min-map of the game will show you the presence of villainous enemies nearby, they will have a red aura on their icons.

When you are done with all the villainous enemies, you will face Vegito and Gotenks, your strongest foes in the game yet. Here we have the special abilities for both of these boss fights and how you can dodge all those special attacks.

Vegito Abilities

Spirit Sword: This is a controllable beam of energy that Vegito can summon with his hand and it shapes up like a sword and can be used like one. He will do slashes with it that can deal heavy damage. You need to make sure you are on guard when he uses this spirit sword.

Split Finger Shot: These are going to be an array of energy balls that Vegito will shoot and will come to you in a half circle. You can easily dodge this barrage of energy balls.

Kamehameha: This is going to be just like the normal Kamehameha that Goku uses, but it will have much more wide range but will be in only one direction so you need to make sure to dodge to left or right and try not to get too much damage from it.

Big Bang Attack: This is going to be a huge sphere if energy that Vegito will launch and throw towards you to create a big explosion. This will be huge attack and very difficult to dodge so make sure to guard against it.

Usually Vegito will launch this attack after Gotenks does his galactic donut attack and you are caught in the energy ring. This will be the hardest and most dangerous combo of attacks in the fight.

Gotenks Abilities

Galactic Donuts: These are the glowing energy rings that Gotenks will throw towards you and if you get caught by a ring it will bind you until the energy disappear. You need to keep moving to avoid these or if you get caught you just have to phase out before you get hit by any other attack.

Super Ghost Kamikaze: In this attack, Gotenks will release a ghost from his mouth that will come towards you and when it come in contact it will explode. You need to keep moving in order to avoid this.

Vegito and Gotenks Boss Fight

Level up
As it is mentioned before, Vegito and Gotenks are going to be the strongest foes that you have faced so far in the game, they will be at level 100 in this fight so you also need to make sure that you are at your maximum level and all the super powerful attacks are unlocked before you face these two super villains.

If you are not, focus on leveling up and then go for the fight.

You also need to make sure that you have the maximum level of Mastery skill as well before you get into the fight, best way is to get to training grounds and unlock all the mastery skills as well as level them up to the max available. This will help you out so much in the actual fight.

Get Powerful Support
One other thing that you can do and will help you a lot is bring with yourself some powerful support characters in the fight.

Just make sure that the characters you bring to the fight also have the same energy level as your foes in order to get the maximum out of them.

Focus on Gotenks first
Your best bet on winning this fight is to get rid of Gotenks first. From both of them, Gotenks has lower HP so bring him down first.

Use Super Attack Assist Moves
With the help of your support characters you can use Super Attack Assists and it will deal a lot more damage than usual attacks. Make sure to utilize them wherever you can and whenever they are available.

This is all the information that you need to face Vegito and Gotenks and defeat them.