How To Beat Ginyu and Jeice in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

You will need to fight Ginyu and Jeice twice in DBZ Kakarot. This guide will include all the tips and information that you could use to win your fight(s) and teach you How To Beat Ginyu and Jeice in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.

For the first time, you will have to fight while using Goku, and for the second time, you will use Gohan to fight against the pair after Ginyu hacks Goku’s body.

How To Beat Ginyu and Jeice in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

For starters, Ginyu will obviously not pop up and use Goku’s moves or abilities. In this fight, he will be using his own abilities and skill-work to fight.

When you face the two in DBZ Kakarot, you will notice that their fight patterns are really quite simple, which is why you will easily be able to anticipate their moves.

The only advantage they have is that they’re two and you’re one, so focus on relieving them of this advantage as soon as you can during this boss fight.

Jeice is an annoying foe to face, and his mini-stuns will obviously disturb your game-play by interrupting or disrupting your fight patterns. This means that you should focus on putting him down first.

The pair will leave you a lot of openings due to their specific fighting patterns. This means that using Kamehameha will benefit you greatly when you’re fighting against the two.


This part of the guide includes information about Ginyu’s skills and abilities alongside boss tips that will help you counter him.

Cross Chop
Ginyu will use an X pattern that will knock you backward through quite a long distance. This will be disadvantageous for you since your fighting pattern will be disrupted.

You can simply move away whenever you see him charging for this move.

Milky Cannon
Occasionally, Ginyu will turn purple and start charging to create a big Ki attack to fire at you. Once his charging animation starts, you will need to dash to either side in order to avoid getting hit by this ability.


You will first face Jeice in this fight in the Frieza Saga, whereas he will come against you again in another fight later. This part of the guide includes boss tips on how to fight Jeice and counter his abilities.

Get Closer
Since Jeice’s melee attacks aren’t dangerous at all, and he will also have lower health power, you should focus on closing up to him to deal more damage to him without getting much in return.

Crusher Ball
Using this ability, Jeice will shoot an orb of energy/damage in a particular range that will be indicated before he fires it. You will simply need to keep moving if you want to avoid this attack.

It is very important that you avoid his Crusher Ball to get out of any dangers of running low on health, or even dying. You can avoid the Crusher Ball by dashing out of its range/line of target.

Meteor Crusher
In this ability, Jeice is set to smash you with a great force from the top whenever he’s above you. You can anticipate his move to put him down.

You will need to move away when he’s trying to charge it in purple. You can also try a Body Blow to disrupt him charging this ability

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