How to Beat Frieza in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

This guide includes all the information and tips that you need to know for when you’re going to face Frieza in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. Frieza is one of the main Antagonists of the game so we will show you how to beat Frieza in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot.

How to Beat Frieza in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

In the game, you will face various forms of Frieza, as different characters. There will be a total number of seven battles against Frieza. Here is the list of match-ups against Frieza:

  • First Battle: Gohan along with Vegeta as support
  • Second Battle: Piccolo
  • Third Battle: Piccolo along with Gohan as support
  • Fourth Battle: Vegeta
  • Fifth Battle: Goku
  • Sixth Battle: Goku as a Super Saiyan
  • Seventh Battle: Goku as a Super Saiyan

Most of the attack patterns of Frieza’s will be the same in all fights, despite the fact that there are multiple forms of his.

You can go ahead and put your melee attacks to use here by combo-ing him up, but once you’re done with a combo, always move away or defend yourself since he’ll try to counter you after each combo or so.

Generally, you’ll find his fighting pattern to be staying back, followed by a stunning melee attack or a ranged barrage, and eventually a combo.

During the match in DBZ Kakarot, you’ll find Frieza often following up his attacks by a Death Surge. You may be able to dodge this attack by spamming the dodge command once this is about to happen.

Whenever Frieza’s powering up throughout the boss fight, you’re supposed to watch out since once he’s done, he’ll charge at you and land melee combos and attacks. So be ready to dodge whenever this happens.

Abilities and Boss Fight Tips

Here is the list of abilities that Frieza possesses and uses during the boss fight in DBZ Kakarot.

Lunge Punch or Tail Smack
Frieza will disappear to reappear at a closer distance to land a rather powerful melee attack. This can be a Lung Punch or a Tail Smack. You can dash away to defend yourself from this move.

Death Storm (First and Second Forms)
Frieza will summon three yellow-colored Ki bombs near your location which will explode shortly after. Thus, you will need to escape/dash out of your current location, fast!

Death Surge
Frieza will charge at you with his kick, thus you will need to move out of the direction of the attack which will be shown by a red arrow before he charges at you.

Death Bullet (Third Form)
Frieza will dash towards you in an irregular manner, and then he will throw a Ki ball towards you to stun you, followed by jabbing you for multiple times. You will need to avoid the Ki ball to dodge this particular move.

Death Blaster
Frieza will consecutively fire Ki balls that will partially trace you, followed by a bigger Ki ball at the end. You will need to keep dashing to your sides to avoid all of them instead of trying to defend because that will most likely break your defense.

Death Beam (Final Form)
Frieza will charge himself up and then launch a wide beam attack. You will need to escape the red lines to avoid getting damaged by the attack.

Death Pummer (Final Form)
Frieza will dash forwards and land a 360-kick. You will need to escape the attack by dashing backwards, upwards, or downwards. If you are unable to escape the attack, go ahead and defend.

Death Slicer
Frieza will launch a slicer attack that spins, right at you. You will need to dodge multiple times to escape or you will have to defend.

Death Ball
Frieza will create a very powerful Energy ball attack to fire at you. You can interrupt this move by using multiple and powerful attacks of your own.

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