How to Beat Dodoria in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Making your way through planets in DBZ Kakarot and defeating the enemies mostly bosses that Frieza always has in place for you to deal with, in episode two, you will come across Dodoria. For this reason, we have prepared these boss tips to help you beat Dodoria in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot.

How to Beat Dodoria in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Dodoria is yet again one of Frieza’s puppets which you will fight twice in Frieza Saga. This time you will once fight Dodoria with Gohan and Krilin will be there to help you defeat it and the second time you will fight as Vegeta.

As you have already finished episode one of DBZ Kakarot so expect this one to be a bit more challenging. But don’t worry as the following guide will get you through this just fine! Luckily in both the boss battles, Dodoria uses the same strategies and battle moves so it’s quite predictable what Dodoria might do hence it favors you.

Fight as Gohan

You will be Gohan in the first fight and Krillin will be there to help you. Following tips would surely help you win the first fight

  • Dodoria’s Crushing Fist ability can knock you straight away so you must dodge this heavy-handed punch when he goes for it. You may either guard it or just move out of the way
  • The Super mouth Canon is what you must avoid as it can deal a lot of damage! Whenever you see a large energy ball coming your way just dodge it. Guarding it would be quite foolish so don’t even try that
  • The head ram attack is where you have no other choice but to dodge it! When you see Dodoria rushing towards you just get out of the way if you don’t want to be knocked down with a head ram attack

Fight as Vegeta

Vegeta has better abilities than Gohan so you would not be entirely concerned about being defensive! You would be already well aware of Dodoria’s abilities as you already fought him before so You can also use the attacking abilities of Vegeta!

  • We know how Dodoria uses his Head ram attack and Crushing fist but with Gohan, you could only avoid those. With Vegeta on the other hand, you must use the powerful Gallick Gun soon after dodging both these attacks! This will leave a dent on Dodoria’s HP
  • Dodoria’s long-range attacks like Mouth Canon and Maximum Buster shouldn’t worry you much but his Head ram and Crusher Fist is where you must be vigilant! Carefully observe his timing and style when he is approaching you and dodge him quickly!

So now you know how you can counter Dodoria’s attacks in DBZ Kakarot! Good luck with defeating him.