How to Beat Dabura in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

The final enemy and the final minion of Babidi, the literal Devil; Dabura in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. If you are struggling during this fight, read these tips on how to beat Dabura in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot.

How to Beat Dabura in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

In the anime, Dabura was thought to rival Cell’s power and faced off against a weak Gohan in DBZ Kakarot who had not trained for 7 years.

Dabura is the toughest of Babidi’s minion and the following guide details everything you will need to know about his deadly skill-set and how to beat Satan himself.

Dabura uses only two abilities, Dark Sword Strike and Flame Blaster in DBZ Kakarot.

Dark Sword Strike is going to be the only attack you will have to worry about throughout the boss fight with Dabura.

The Flame Blaster can be very easily dodged. Throughout the entire boss fight, it is recommended that you unleash a flurry of attacks whenever you can, and then back off to deal some damage with your ranged attacks.

When Dabura uses his Flame Blaster, simply dodge it and counter it with a Special Ability of yours to deal a decent amount of damage. Dark Sword Strike can be a little tricky to dodge.

Dabura is fast, agile, and will not hesitate in closing the distance between Gohan and him. Knowing this, you must keep an eye out for every move he makes, and interrupt his combos as much as you can in DBZ Kakarot.

How to Dodge Dark Sword Strike
Dabura’s Dark Sword Strike is a deadly move and must be avoided at all costs.

The attack is basically Dabura charging towards you in a ball of energy, and you will have to dodge the attack when Dabura is ALMOST about to close in on you; when he is a few meters away from Gohan.

Blocking Dark Sword Strike
The Dark Sword Strike will chop down your health a massive portion; with each hit landing for about 100,000 of health. Should you think that you can’t get the timing of Dabura’s attack right, simply try to block it.

Ki Blasts and Special Attacks
Dabura has normal Ki Attacks and Special Attacks which are relatively easy to dodge considering their trajectory is fairly simple and speed low.

Abilities and Tips

Dark Sword Strike
This is one of Dabura’s deadly attacks and it deals a lot of physical damage. Avoid this at all costs or at least try to block all incoming blows.

Flame Blaster
Dabura will send out a fire blast towards you which will explode on impact. A fast projectile but should be easy to dodge if you have a little distance between you and Dabura. If close, then guard whatever little damage you can.

And that is how you beat the King of the Underworld in DBZ Kakarot! Disappointingly, he didn’t have a lot of diversity in his skill-set but still put up quite the challenge with the only two abilities he had.

Stick close and utilize your ranged attacks when you have the window of opportunity and Dabura should be out in no time.

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