How to Beat Cui in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

One of the many things you will have to do in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot episode featuring Frieza is to defeat Cui! He is luckily not too difficult to beat. If you are still struggling, however, read on to learn how to beat Cui in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot.

How to Beat Cui in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

You must know the counter moves you have to do to ensure a victory against him! You get to fight Cui for the first time in Frieza Saga as he serves as the first real boss to fight against playing as Vegeta!

So when you make your way to Planet Namek, be ready to deal with him. The following guide is therefore really helpful for you to make it certain that you win the fight against Cui in DBZ Kakarot.

To make the best out of Vegeta’s fighting abilities you must know how you should proceed for the fight. Some moves must be used when Cui is at long range while the others should be used when he is considerably closer.

The following bullet points sum up pretty well how you can use a different set of actions in different situations while fighting against Cui

  • Use Gallick Gun Ability to deal greater damage to Cui when he is far away from Vegeta! This ability of Vegeta could be considered the most effective when it comes to dealing massive amount of damage to Cui! When you use the Gallick gun you will see Cui’s HP dropping significantly.
  • Keep avoiding projectile attacks from Cui and as you dodge them spam him with Ki blasts. These will considerably bring his HP down!
  • Cui has the ability to fire 10 Assault blasters towards its enemy so when he does that you must dodge them! S

Coming to Cui’s main ability to bring you some heavy amount of physical damage, the Meteor Crusher. Cui will execute this deadly move on you when he gets close to you!

To avoid getting a hit on your head, powerful enough to crush it, make sure that you get close to him and dodge at the moment he tries to hit you. You may also choose to do a burst to protect yourself!

So your main concern should be dealing with Cui’s Meteor Crusher ability as it could really make things troublesome for you!

That’s all about how you can fight Frieza’s first boss Cui! So Good luck defeating him.