How to Beat Android 19 in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Dr. Gero’s nineteenth creation is called Android 19 and Gero is the person who has a personal vendetta against Goku and these androids are meant to kill Goku. In this guide, we will show you how to Beat Android 19 in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot.

How to Beat Android 19 in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

You will fight Android 19 twice, the first time you will be fighting as Goku and the second time you will be fighting as Vegeta.

Android 19 will be using the same abilities in both the boss fights but it will be clearly noticeable that he has gotten stronger the second time. Here are some tips for beating him:

You can easily counter his headbutt by moving to the side and when he closes in performing a headbutt, you perform melee moves and attack him to cause damage.

Boss Fight Tips for Absorption Duration

While he is absorbing, if you throw ki blasts on him, he will absorb them and recover his health and that would be very bad for you. So, when he is absorbing, you need to get close to him and perform melee attacks and that will help you win.

Use a combination of ranged and melee attacks on Android 19 in DBZ Kakarot during this fight. First, do some basic melee attacks and then use ranged attacks like Galick gun or Kamehameha on your opponent.

Now we will talk about Android 19’s abilities and how you can save yourselves from them.

Spiky Headbutt
If this hit is landed it would cause a lot of damage. You can see it coming when 19 charges up and after that he will perform a winding attack towards you. You should always remember to dodge it.

Energy Absorption
When you see 19 surrounded by a glowing purple aura. It means that Android 19 will now absorb all ki blasts and convert them into his health.

Eye Beam
Another one of Android 19’s attacks is that he is able to fire a purple beam right in front of him. It has a brief warning so remember to dodge it.

These are the tips for beating Android 19 in DBZ Kakarot. If we missed anything, let us know.

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