How to Beat Android 18 in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Android 18 is going to be a tough opponent to beat in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. We have the tips and strategy to defeat the boss with relative ease.

Dr. Gero’s eighteenth creation is called Android 18 and Gero is the person who has a personal vendetta against Goku and these androids are meant to kill Goku. In this guide, we will teach you how to beat Android 18 in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot.

How to Beat Android 18 in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

You will have only one fight with Android 18 in the Android Saga of DBZ Kakarot and you will be fighting as Vegeta. Here are some tips that will help you defeat her:

Don’t Stay Still
Android 18 can fire multiple barrages of her attack when she is surged and it can cause massive damage if one of them hits you. So it is always smart to keep moving to make share that is it easy for you to dodge this attack.

Dodging Sadistic 18
You should be able to dodge this attack but only if you are able to get out of the stun quickly enough and do a vanishing attack and get behind her not only countering her attack but also lowering the damage you would’ve taken as well.

Boss Abilities
Now we will discuss the abilities of Android 18 and how you would be able to save yourself from them.

Palm Smash


This one is not that hard to dodge as it is a standard charge move. For this attack 18 will have a windy white aura around her and then she will hurl towards you. You can just dodge it or you can do a vanish attack behind her.

Ultimate Blaster

This is a little hard to dodge as there are several projectiles that Android 18 will fire off and they will be coming towards you. The only way to dodge these is by moving around in circles.

Sadistic 18

This is the most damaging attack and hardest to dodge as the time period for getting out of the way is very brief and after that, you are disabled and unable to do anything other than just taking the blow.

When Android 18 is about to perform this attack she will approach you and disable you and you will be hung in the middle of the air.

The only time when you can dodge this is in the start and if you miss that window, get ready to have some serious damage done to you as dodging after that is very difficult.

This is how you can beat Android 18. If we missed anything let us know.

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